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Micah Robert Colee
159 Park St.
Alpharetta Ga. 30004

OBJECTIVE: Seeking dynamic position in a fast-paced technological environment.

EXPERIENCE: Computers, Software, Computer Trouble-shooting, Telecommunications Repair, PABX Telephone Technology, Video Production, Black and White Film Process, Motorcycle Mechanics, machine shop, customer support, sales, installation, production management

Tag Signs LLC 2001-Present
Lee's Express Inc. 1999-2000- Retail
Chandler Telecom Inc. ( Web Applications
Chandler Motorcycles Inc. 1998-1999-Service Specialist
Global Communications Group Inc. 1996-1998- Telecommunications repair technicion

INTERESTS, ACTIVITIES and ACHIEVEMENTS: 3d modeling, Computer Art and Design, Video production, Winner of Outstanding Delegation award at Georgia State University for NHSMUN ( National High School Model United Nations)

SOFTWARE: Microsoft Windows 95/98, Mac OS9, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Photoshop 5.0-6.0, Bryce3d, Bryce 4, Icq, Lotus Word Pro, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Winzip

EDUCATION (Formal and Continuing): Phoenix High School - Graduated Dec. 2000, College Preparatory Diploma. Areas of study include- Computer Art, Video Production, Optical and Digital Photography
On the Job Training - 1999 Chandler Motorcycles, Inc. - Small Engine Service Principles; Electro-Mechanical Trouble- Shooting Principles
On the Job Training - Global Communications Group, Inc. - Hitachi PABX telephone technology and circuit board test and repair to component level