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The Queen of Venus Starship M.I.A. 1050 B.C.,
Found 1996 A.D.

Target: A black hole that looks like a comet. Between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter.

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How the Queen of Venus got in trouble.
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1996-97 A.D. I read a book about remote viewing as practiced by our government intelligence community, a course in this is taught at Emory University in Atlanta by the author Courtney Brown.

Attempting to use these techniques I attempted to find the "Queen of Venus Starship". The target was eventually found and I was given a view of the craft intact after all these years. I detected life and thought forms. The first thing I saw was I thought a debris field, as I got closer I was looking in to a cockpit that reminded me of the nose of a 707 aircraft, the debris field was not space junk from a catastrophe but ships of various sorts as well as gear that looked like it was still in use. The pilot and copilot in the large 707 like ship seemed to be intact and I could see nothing wrong. I used the remote viewing technique to locate any other craft nearby. I suddenly found a craft from.

The Intergalactic Council and asked for a rescue. I was informed that they would help but I must contact the "Queen" and tell them to surrender if they wanted help as they were in a quarantine state as a result of being considered rebels. This was done and I got a surprised acknowledgment from the "Queen" that they would comply. Pretty good for some people that I had thought dead for 12 thousand years. These sessions pretty much burned me out for several months after this.

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I felt bi-located and foggy for a while. Complaining on Far sight's's chat board of these effects and the events I turned over via the Internet the target positions and a call for help. The only help given was some sage advice but it helped. "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

Since that time I have not had the energy for any more remote viewing on this project, but felt that my former self was in a state of protection. I was told that to break the "Queen" loose from its artificial event horizon some new equipment would be installed to update the beam power unit since the beam power grid it had been using was not working in our solar system after the fall of Atlantis.

I have used these remote viewing techniques and astral projection techniques on other projects since then but not to the extent that the rescue of the "Queen" took.
Now it also seems N.A.S.A. wants a closer look.

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