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Visulization for Peace

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~ Sovereign Song ~

2001, John J. Falone

V i s u a l i z a t i o n

f o r



"There is no greater power than thought-forms generated from that which we know as Gratitude, The Foundation of Being. Therefore, we shall prepare our vehicle of Light by resonating with this power. For Gratitude is not simply a sentiment of our condition, it is the very essence of life, the celebratory vibration of the Gift of Infinite Being.

Take a moment to center your consciousness vehicle in the infinite point of power within the Heart of Hearts. Transmute all vibrations of doubt and fear through the knowing of your multidimensional natures. Know that your very body is proof of Divine order and harmony in diversity. Say to yourself, As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above. I am gratitude and the recipient of the gift of Life born of Infinite Light of deathless life. For I am the Life, the Gift and the perpetuation of beauty given and received.


From your centered position, your anchor point pulsing the dual rhythmic rays, circulating consciousness through your micro universe, you sense the sympathetic pulse of a much higher order of your being. You become aware of a thousand multicolored rays forming the Golden Capstone, a translucent pyramidal Light-Form with connective powers to fifth dimensional fields of transformation. This is your 8th chakra above your Crown Chakra, the threshold gate through which your Exodus from limitation is ever waiting -- not to escape from earth, but to transform it. For that is your purpose as co-creators.

You feel the synchronization, the sympathetic vibration of this Crown Jewel with each pulse of your Heart of Hearts. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. The fourth dimensional madness of man's nightmares can not touch this bonding, this connection with THE ONE.

The resonance of the Crown Jewel and the Heart of Hearts, as two pyramids, form a Diamond. The overlapping frequencies spiraling in both directions, form your Signature Song, your cosmic name. For you are a sovereign being, one of a kind, unique unto the universe of creation.

This Diamond forms the bio-coupling, the double bonding of Cosmic DNA, that which is known to some to be missing. Through the Diamond coupling, the Golden mean proportions weave your Merkabah vehicle. You FEEL the completion of your being, that which you have longed for all these ages within Earth's womb of time.


Now, 'see' the coiled power at the base of your spinal antenna array, the inverted pyramid that grounds your physical being to the sacred, crystalline grids of your Earth Body.

The Earth beneath you Glows with radiant, translucent aquas, greens and violet rays. You are now connected and in turn connecting the perfected DNA of deathless Life to all grid points of Earth.

To the four corners of your planet and all points in between, your Signature Song, your sovereign Identity, resonates, raising the pitch of Earth's collective mind.

Diamond unto Diamond, the Earth Grid glows and every pyramid connecting every grid on every continent sings your song of peace and power of life unto infinite life.

Interference patterns of fear are isolated and its network of terror on every side of the equation of death become impotent and confused. Your Sovereign Song creates the space within the space in which all leaders witness the dream of their creation through the eyes of their mirrored reflection.

As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without. Know that each cannot sing another's Sovereign Song. Yet each song of Infinite Light resonates a holographic spherical body. You are no longer part of the whole, you are the whole. And each entity is a universe unto itself, yet ONE Universe. You are NOW the manifestation of THE MANY AND THE ONE!


You feel the thrill of your purpose. You are the completion of the circuit of Infinite Light. You are electrified matter, vibrating The Genius Frequency. You are the bio-coupling, the spiritual transducer, the capacitor of Divine thought-forms that heal all wounds via the conduit of your Heart.

You see the glowing, multicolor filaments of subatomic resonance streaming through your Capstone, spiraling into a Golden braid, reaching deep into the crystalline tissue of Your Earth body, traveling in all directions through the circuit grids connected to every pyramid and radiating into the electromagnetic field forming the mind grids of human perception, connecting the partial equations of the Life Force. Thus from OMEGA is born the eternal. You realize that you are the lens through which the Higher Light is focused on this plane. Your nervous system serves as the optical fibers through which pass Divine Information from the Infinite fields of ever renewing creation.

Through you, the duality of this dimension does not oppose itself, but rather reciprocates simultaneously the completion of the Light of THE ONE to and from its creation connecting Above and Below, Within and Without.

In this ecstatic moment you know there is no other moment. Into this Eternal NOW, you channel the Infinite Source of your being. You are the SuperConductor of limitless coherent frequencies neutralizing the fallen fields of limitation -- not through judgment, nor through resistance, nor through manipulation, but through Transmutation of malformed thought-fields via the entrainment of your Heart of Hearts.


Now you are connected. Hold the vision, the feeling, the song of your eternal life and begin to direct your Divine Light frequencies into the most troubled spots on your sacred planet.

Drawing the Infinite Energy of SuperLight through your Crown Chakra as Golden Filaments, Move your Lights through the grids within your earth into each location where decisions are made that will affect the probable future of each thought-form.

Thus your Light, your Sovereign Song, uses the Tesla resonance of the Earth's tone, flashing through the Earth's crystalline body and radiating from beneath the structures of every political headquarters up into the atmosphere forming a Pyramid of Golden Light. This Golden Pyramid resonates, in turn, with The Genius Frequency and the option is placed before those who believe there is no option. More Golden Filaments are connected to these Golden Pyramids hovering above the open wounds of earth.

In this manner, the Stars of Peace are brought down to Earth in place of the distorted lights of fear, veiled by the ideologies of enslavement to a false hierarchy. In this manner, the Stars of Infinite Light that you generate from the Pyramid Energies of your crown chakras, are generated from the INSIDE OUT! From the IN_SPACE of Universal Consciousness, the ZeroPoint within the atom. It is from this Point that entire Galaxies come into being.


Hold your visions and feelings gently, for the power of the Infinite Love IS the Light. You are the conduit for this power everywhere and at all times. The Infinite Light of Cosmic Mind is your Source and THE SOURCE OF ALL. What you have set in motion shall continue. Your Sovereign Song shall not cease and shall not be diminished by any intent, or technology. Know that your participation in this process shall create the pulse of Infinite Life within the Heart of the Earth.

Know that you have changed the probable future of this planet through your active participation in this visualization. Know that YOUR Sovereign Song is indelibly marked upon and within the Alpha of Future Now. It is your protection and your joy, your peace that passeth all human understanding, forever.