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Learn Online I've been thrown out of better places than this.


Recently I learned a very important thing.
Dress for success.
Normally, since I travel extensively, I try to be prepared in having business attire on hand at all times. During one recent event, however, I had been bent over my old faithful 100mhz Vintage Pentium all day, when I suddenly remembered a very important meeting with some fellow computer GEEKS. Throwing on a clean T-shirt and blue jeans, and rushing out to my old grey van, my wife and I made record speed, with the van spewing anti-freeze all the while into the already polluted atmosphere.
Arriving just in time I found to my HORROR that the meeting was being held at a country club where my less than formal dress was certainly not up to Brooks Brothers standards. Finding my group leader, I confessed my sin and was promply shown the fine door with polished brass, and given a tour of the parking lot. Fortunatly my wife was dressed in a way that allowed her entrance to the meeting. While she was in the meeting, promoting our business, I patched the radiator and quenched my "steed's" massive thirst with water.
If ever I am shown the door elsewhere I can now truly say, "I've been thrown out of better places"!
P.S. We went back to the same place recently and this time I wish to thank them for the fine service.
Now I carry a spare suit. And we are a new dealer in a very profitable venture.

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My dog ate my LAN.

Our grown son has a big, black dog who answers to the name of Stella Louise. Stella is a "half breed", one half Irish Setter and one half Labrador Retriever. Stella is a beautiful, smart energetic dog who is equally at home at the lake, in a work environment and in our more than a little crazed household.

Unfortunately, Stella, wonderful as she is, has some terrible habits. She is an attention hog, climbing on the furniture and regularly sticking her long Setter's nose or her big wagging tail in everybody's way, as if to say "Hey! Pay attention to ME!" She also eats anything and I mean ANYTHING! Everything from dinner to the toes of our nicest shoes has been known to disappear beneath Stella's "jaws of steel".

Stella will also chew through electrical cords, in a New York minute. None of us ever expected our home internet business to be negatively affected by one of Stella's annoying habit's.
However, a few days ago we woke up to find that Stella's wicked teeth had gone to town on our heavy, white LAN (Local Area Network) cord, effectively shutting down all of our computers for the rest of the day.

Was Stella sorry to have caused this one day lag in our business? I don't think so! I do think she was sorry to have gotten caught exercising "bad doggy" behavior. Despite her best efforts to make it up to us it was hours before anybody in our house would talk to her in anything but a scolding tone.

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