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CHANDLER TELECOM INC. dba Planetary Communications - FREE membership!

We at Chandler Telecom Inc. are proud for you to
explore our many links. This web site is an attempt to instruct you in a way to build your own web site, which may be on any subject, which on it's own power will bring a residual income to you.
You will notice as you move from page to page that this site is in reality not one site but many
linked together.

The reason we link many of the sites we own, is to show you how each site differs in features.

Angelfire is what this page is done with.

Follow the link below to: White Light Magic Show
and you will see another example of

If you wish to look at another angelfire site choice
follow the link below to Phoenix 1 Project.

If you wish to see examples of Intuit go to our home page and go to Mars Colony.

A fine example of Calypso as a server is portrayed by Interplanetary Trading Company, On
the next page.

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