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Hitachi PABX, And Other Manufacturers Telephone Source Page

A list of Manufacturers, Interconnects, Brokers and Repair Facilities

This is an attempt to gather from our database
of companies that support the installed Hitachi PABX telephone base in the United States.If you wish to be added or deleted please E-Mail your request.

Dear Mr. Hitachi

RE: The things I have learned, in the 15+ years of dealing with the Hitachi
telecom products

When working with many "unrepairable" electronic circuit cards, over the years, I have found a number of ways of fixing the so-called unfixable. It should be noted that the term "unrepairable", when applied to products in this way, often simply means that the item in question will take too much time, money, parts and/or equipment to make its repair economically valid. I have known quantam leaps in production to occur when a new
procedure is evolved to compensate for the things that previously made a product "unrepairable".

I have incorporated a number of processes, over the years, to combat the "Not Economically Repairable" problem. These include:
i) fixing the easiest, most obvious problems first
ii) grouping similar problems together
iii) looking for low cost solutions
iv) recovering salvagable parts of high value while removing obvious trash (I have found that recovered assembly components have the same
relative life span as new components, if proper assembly procedures
are followed.)

In my work with the Hitachi product line I have also made use of these practices:
i) Timeliness - Anybody who has had the experience of going to a large
company for repair of a part, only to find himself wound up in bureaucratic red tape and weeks of waiting, can appreciate the
alternative of having his part returned, repaired in a few days.
ii) Adaptability - This includes having the flexibility to use off the shelf components rather than always using Hitachi prescribed components to affect a repair.
iii) Cleanliness, Accuracy, etc. - This almost goes without saying. As a small company, we have always felt the need to try harder!

Many new specialized pieces of test equipment go on the market all the time. A slew of people will spend untold millions on these pieces in their attempts to test as many things as possible. This is often not the proper way to go about specialized testing of products. My more than 40 years of dealing with electronics have taught me the value of the tried and true "budget" and military surplus electronics. Military electronics
uses "black box" engineering, out of which many unique, complex parts have been built. A very good lab can be built out of electronic discards and "junk".

In fact, Global's lab was originally built from a combination of parts from World War II, Korea, the Apollo Program, Vietnam, a salvage sale at
Hitachi America and ham radio sales. Yes, we also deal in new parts and equipment. We recognise the need to move with the times. We also recognise, however, the part that the old has had in the development of the new. Most old equipment lasts a lifetime in human years.

In conclusion, Mr. Hitachi (whomever you may be), I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to gather so much knowledge of electronics, both old and new. Further, I would like to thank you for affording me the means and knowledge to successfully sell and repair various of your products for the last 15 years!

With great sincerity and all due respect,

Robert Colee

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