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0000,0000,FFFF* * * * * * * * * * * * * * THE ENERGY MACHINE OF JOSEPH NEWMAN 11445 East Via Linda, No. 416 Scottsdale, Arizona 85259 (480) 657-3722 0000,0000,FFFFFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (12/10/2001) FFFF,0000,0000BREAKTHROUGH NEW INVENTION SHOWS HOW TO RUN A MOTOR FOR FREE!
FFFF,0000,0000 Scottsdale inventor, Joseph Newman, has spent the last 36 years developing a new technology which can operate two electric motors for the cost of one. He has a very simple demonstration that shows how to run a motor for free. Utilizing this technology, business and homeowners can realize more than fifty percent savings in electrical costs. The following simple experiment clearly shows -- even to the nontechnical individual -- that it is possible to run a motor free of costs: 0000,0000,FFFF1) A 40-lb motor is connected to a small battery pack. 0000,0000,FFFF2) Meters read the volts and amps to provide the total wattage the motor draws. 0000,0000,FFFF3) The batteries are then disconnected and attached to Newman's 350-lb. motor. 0000,0000,FFFF4) The first motor is then connected to Mr. Newman's new 350-lb motor, such that both motors are now in line with the same battery pack. 0000,0000,FFFF5) The meters read volts and amps to get the total wattage drawn to run both motors. 0000,0000,FFFF6) The total wattage to run BOTH motors is less than the total wattage required to run the single motor. One of the motors is now running for free. 0000,0000,FFFF7) The 40-lb. motor also runs FASTER when connected to the Newman System. Normally, the above experiment would be impossible as the load of the two motors would always be much greater than the load of a single motor. However, Mr. Newman's revolutionary design allows his new motors to simultaneously produce mechanical work, i.e., turn a shaft, and ALSO to produce additional electrical energy. That additional electrical energy can be used to run motors or recharge batteries. That has never been accomplished before. The theory behind this new technology explains previously-unexplained scientific phenomena such as how magnetism actually works, current flow direction, the wave/particle theory of light, and many others. Not in the history of humanity has there been a mechanical explanation of magnetism. Observations have made and noted but, until now, never a mechanical explanation. It is this new understanding of magnetism that enables Mr. Newman to build these ultra-efficient motors. They are literally the solution to pollution and our energy crisis. They can bring the cost of energy down by 50% or more. Power plants can be retrofitted with these motors and homes and businesses can install on-site motor/generators to obtain cheap, non-polluting energy. Dr. Al Swimmer (Professor of Mathematics at Arizona State University), Milton Everett (Phoenix resident retired from the Mississippi Department of Energy), and more than 40 scientists and engineers have endorsed Joseph Newman remarkable technology. Dr. Roger Hastings (Senior Physicist, Unisys Corp.) estimated that the back-spike of the original, large, 10,000-lb Newman Motor consisted of 80,000 watts with only a 10 watt input. The back-spike can now be captured and used at will for any size Newman Motor/Generator. Joseph Newman seeks to immediately manufacture these motor/generator units in the Phoenix area for homes and businesses. To cover this story or participate in launching this worldwide venture, please contact Joseph Newman at:
(480) 657-3722
As one electrical engineer has stated:
"The nice thing about this newest demonstration is that one cannot dispute the mechanical effect of the RPMs. The fact that those RPMs for the 40-lb motor actually INCREASE when placed in the combined system -- while the total draw of that combined system is LESS than was the draw for the 40-lb motor alone -- is remarkable."
Please accept our apologies if you have received this press release in error or if you have received duplicates of this release. 0000,0000,FFFF* * * * *