The creation of Nicki 2 (N2) Android
Global Robotics a division of Global Communications Group

Global Robotics a division of Global Communications Group

Nicki 2, our star Android, was conceived on September 7, 2007. Due to a show date of December 1, 2007 she had a rapid gestation and birth. Her human template was Niki Jackson, daughter of Daniel Jackson (no not the famous character in "Star Gate SG1").

Since the first road show would be for "Male High School" a 150 year old Louisville public school (now coed), and the dance was a Junior Army Reserve Officer Training Program (JROTC) Military Ball, we went with a Stargate SG1 theme.

Although our other Android for this show was a Zeta Alien fabricated of plywood, the N2 prototype was constructed from PVC plastic. Using our human Nicki as a template we fabricated our skeleton using frontal and side views.
Features for the 12/01/07 show:
PVC skeleton, A lap top computer in embedded in the chest cavity, Artificial intelligence voice, IR sensors and sonic sensors for head activation, Moving eyes, Lighted eyes, Moving jaw, Head rotation, Shoulder and elbow joints, Cassette tape player/recorder, Public address amplifier, microphone and speaker, Gel Cell batteries for on board power, Standard issue Nomex military flight suit, survival jacket, combat boots and flashlight, Helmet, Skull, Face mask, Cables, jacks and wiring harness.

The total cost to produce this android from off the shelf parts and used electronics was around $2,900.00 materials and labor. We project that to clone a similar android from new upgraded materials and labor would cost around $4,475.00

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