This is dedicated to Charlotte Jeanne Durrett, the First Mate of the "Snooper". The Angels still guide you.

You came to me from my vision. The woman of the heart chakra.



Soul Mate/Twin Flame

This is my belief and my belief only. Subject to change at any moment due to shifts in perceieved reality.

The concept of Soul is the highest concept of personal beingness. The I am principle.
The wholeness of the soul is the essence of the I am. The soul is composed of two parts, Twin Flames not seperate but more of a mirror image of each other. The polarities are equal but opposite, combining in the cosmic creation of a sector of the Universe that encompasses planet Earth. There are many of these Higher Souls creating what we would call the higher dimensions/Heavenly Kingdom/Etc. There are many individual souls comprising the wholeness of this Higher Soul. Each Soul probably has 144,000 soul mate fragments all living and thinking and creating their own reality through time and space. These individual souls comprise what we could call soul mate fragments of the Higher Soul.

As all relationships are connections of a spiritual nature, I was healing from several loves seperated by time and space.
The karmic ties were etched deep in my soul. Seeking release from my bonds I sought council in my writings.
Seeking you in the material world I followed my writings. Faith is a wondorus experiance. The strip in Ft. lauderdale was the target. As I saw the heart in your aura, I asked you if you liked jewerly.

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