Is this the end of marriage as we know it ??? This would be the best $6000 you'd ever spend. These are pictures of a Swedish doll made of silicone.. The texture of the skin is similar to 99.8% of the human skin. It will last two years if used constantly and consistently every day. Completely adjustable to any position you want. There are 100 sensors spread around the body. There are 30 sensors on the private parts. Each sensor makes her move in a specific way, up to 20 positions. On penetration she emits a light gentle sound that echoes gently in your ears. Comes with inbuilt sound in the throat and recognizes up to 16 commands that are extremely personal up to two metres away from her ears. When there is any type of pulsation sensed in her private parts she emits light moans of stimulation. Above all that she gets wet with a slight touch over any of the sensors. Most important, she has a voice password which should be protected from disclosure. Principal characteristics: She has three entries (vaginal , anal, and oral); She can move her head in any direction you choose. Completely customizable to your liking so you can choose the following: • SIZE • HEIGHT • SKIN COLOUR • EYES COLOUR • HAIR COLOUR • PUBIC HAIR COLOUR OR COMPLETELY SHAVEN. NUMEROUS ADVANTAGES AND FEW DISADVANTAGES. ADVANTAGES: •She does not speak; •She does not get fat; •She never has periods; •She does not pass gas; •She never goes shopping; •She does not get pregnant; •She does not have a mother; •She never ever gets headaches; •She does not go to the hairdresser; •She does not watch soaps, Oprah or the Shopping Channel; •She does not care what we watch on TV; •She does not frequent Internet chat rooms; •She will never get elderly human physical attributes; •She will not get jealous if you bring home another woman; •She will not nag if you go out and she won't care when you return Only $6,000.00