Global Marine Global Marine Global Marine a division of Global Communications Group,
is a repair and sales facility serving Lake Lanier. Boat Cleaning! We specialize in repairs and maintenance of sail and power boats.


Robert Colee (678) 887-2216

Global Communications Group D.B.A. "Global Marine"

We are: Global Communications Group DBA (doing business as): Global Properties, Global Handyman, Global Renovations, Global Marine, Global Energy Global Communications Group
7216 Williams Rd. Flowery Branch, GA 30542
Phone: (678) 887-2216

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Liability Insurance (PDF File) License # 23417 Hall County GA

A Dun and Bradstreet Rated Company DUNS 78-041-5014

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(What's a HIN?) All boats manufactured or imported on or after November 1, 1972 must bear a HIN. The HIN is a 12 character serial number that uniquely identifies your boat.

Global Marine was formed in 1993 when
Global Communications Group Inc. needed a test platform support
and sales of its Inmarsat satellite
telephone/data/video transceivers as
well as G.P.S. marine receivers,
manufactured by Magnavox/Hughes.

A 24' McGreggor Venture Sailboat,
the "Global Princess" was obtained and put into service in Lake Lanier.

Solar Power and a back up gasoline generator were used for
all 12 Volt D.C. and 115 Volt A.C. 60 Hertz.
Solar power was provided using two
seperate cells, one a N.A.S.A. surplus
unit providing about 1/3 amp daylight
charge to a marine deep cell battery.
The other unit was a commercial cell with about
the same current and voltage ratings
feeding a seperate battery. A trolling
motor was used for propulsion.
We found that if the boat was used
just on the weekend that the accumulated
solar charge from the week would be enough to run
A.M./F.M./cassett, C.B. transceiver,
2 Meter Amateur Radio, Loran C, color T.V., cabin lights,
lap top computer, Inmarsat/GPS,
mast light, navigation lights, search light
, compass light and trolling motor.
We strove to be conservative in our power usage.

In the course of 7 years we only had
to fire off the generator 3 times, and then only to get back to shore.
We only lost 2 or three batteries.
One solar cell was lost at sea when one of the teen-agers
almost fell off and used the panel as a strong hold.
This was replaced and a monitor box was added.


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