Light Body Development and DNA

Light Body Development and DNA Part I and II
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Light Body Development and DNA

By Liane Legey

Each plane of existence has a body that is connected to it...

One of the
super keys to accelerating evolution is to anchor, activate and
actualize these bodies into your existing four-body system...

One way to
effectively connect all those bodies is the development of your Light
Body through the re-coding of your own DNA...

Light Body or Spiritual DNA is the blueprint for our Life Purpose and
the divine potentialities or the "Divine Blueprint" of humanity; the
ultimate expression of us as individuals and ultimately is the way to
reach ascension...

Ascension is not only ascending to live the Higher
Self, but is also ultimately returning to the "All That Is" or "God and

Our Spiritual DNA is an image of the structural physical DNA and
resembles energetic spiral beads with uniquely specific patterns...

The process of activation and development of the Light Body is
exclusively a quantum energetic experience and involves the
transmutation of the Human 2 Strand DNA Helix (know as "Backbone DNA")
to a 12 Helix Strand Human actualizing with our Light Body...

Our current
2 Strand DNA can't handle multidimensional energy of experience combined
with the processing of information while simultaneously also being able
to fully conceive the understanding of the super-consciousness...

The secret of this activation (upgrade) is the understanding of some of
the functions and relationships of certain glands and the associated
offsetting production of special hormones...

The thymus gland, located on the 8th Chakra, is known as the "Seat of
the Soul" or your "Higher Heart Center" and is located on our
upper-chest just below the throat...

Its function is to produce strong
hormones that stimulate the improvement of our immune system therefore
allowing us to have stronger Mental and Physical Bodies...

The hyper-thymus gland, which is located in the center of the brain, is
responsible for the connection and interaction of two other glands; the
pineal and the pituitary glands...

The proper activation of those glands
and their consequent integration allows the production of the SOMA which
is known as the "Spiritual or Divine Hormone"...

This hormone develops
the internal power for the transmutation of the 2 Strand Helix DNA into
an original DNA designed for humans with 12 Strands...

The concept of DNA activation is to bring to life the other 10 Strands
(5 pairs) to be stacked on the top of the Double Helix DNA Strand
present today in most humans...

The activation of the Light Body at its completion will allow the Higher
Self the possibility to download and permanently anchor the complete DNA
/RNA Grid composed of 64 distinct seals which are located inside of all
your Chakra Grids (the complete patterning of your present chakras)...

This specific process is done with the close assistance of the Higher
Beings and with the blessings from the Ascended Masters and the High

Ultimately all those activations will make possible for the
Soul to have permanently anchored the bio-stratus...

This stratus is the
super DNA pattern, also known as "Spiritual Genetic Super-Helix DNA",
lost by humans when "The Fall" occurred...

This pattern can be fully
reconstructed because it was preserved in the "Divine Matrix" as it was
part of the original design for the human race evolution and for cosmic

In the "Plan of Creation" each race of Beings was graced with its own
DNA or unique pattern; essentially a blueprint...

Encoded on those
original patterns include the destiny and mission of each Being /Soul...

The original DNA patterns vibrate in higher frequencies and, as the
energies of the planet itself evolve and shift, we are progressively
able to reawaken those formerly dormant potential...

The attunement and re-coding of the DNA is a necessary process for
realigning the Soul with our Soul Purpose...

Through many lifetimes Souls
can be damaged during their learning processes, consequently many of
those disrupted patterns are stored throughout our "Memory Cells"...

and every cell of our body remembers/retains everything it has
experienced and possesses intelligence...

The Memory Cells may have the
potential to disarrange/rearrang e the original "DNA 12 Strand
Super-Helix Blueprint"...

In order to anchor the remaining 10 Strands of
DNA and awaken the dormant potential of all our other bodies, including
the "Mental Body Potential" (which is translated as the unused portion
of the human brain), it is essential to realign and re-balance the "Two
Backbone" original DNA Helix Strand...

LightBody development part I...

Lightbody development Part II...

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