Compromising Choices

a novel
Robert Raymond Colee

"Realality, what a concept?"

I first heard about a hologram from Chandler around 1963, his interest in the realatively new techonology of lasers was fasinating. Later, about 1996 I read Michael Talbot's "Holographic Universe".


:: Compromising choices, ::
or how to create the universe in many days.

I am torn between doing a true account of my life and writing pure fantasy. In this narrative I shall do both with the intent of letting you see how my world was created. "As above, so below." Physics describes all of matter as simply an electronic field. A swarm of electrons protons and all the other sub atomic junk that bored or awed us in school. Energy as it were zipping about in either an organized state or chaos.

"In the begining was the word."
What is a word? A simple answer might be energy.

So as I type these words, worlds are created. When I give a date, it is only a referance point to a specific time/space matrix that triggers that rememberance. Each real person in this creation is dear to me in some way. Some nurtured me and some punished me. All are special souls as they made me real. Such bio-elecrtonic humanoids as myself need this to become human. I was born a machine, on, off, left, right, up, down, yes, no the commands ordered me. A bigger military machine owned my soul and I would have to buy it back.

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