Billy Bob and Bubba, contractors at large!

Getting lunch ready at job site.

Our work truck!

We fix most things with 200 mile per hour duct tape!

Plumbing problems, no problem!!

Custom work!

Cheap repairs

Special engineering!

Body work!

Off to the parts store again!

Electrical solutions!

We learned the trades in our youth!

Electro-mechanical and hydroulic technology!

Our new fleet truck!

Nothing like dogs and beer while on the job!

Relaxing while on the job!

Air conditioning inovations!!


Custom signs!!!!

Special tools!!!!!


Quick repairs!!!!!

Billy Bob and Bubba, contractors at large!

1 800-555-1212 ask for Billy Bob or Bubba. If you can't phone just come down to the bar and buy us a beer and we will discuss your needs.