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An Overview Of Sharp Wizards

The Wizard is one of the PDAs made by Sharp Electronics. It has a built in keypad (unlike a Palm) and a bigger screen monochrome screen than a Palm, but the screen is not touch-sensitive. Instead of using a stylus, you use arrow keys built in to the keyboard to select items and move cursors (in certain programs).


The new OZ/ZQ-7xx series of Wizard allows you to download programs written in BASIC or in C. Many of these programs can be found at, as well as at sites like this. You can download your own copy of Sharp's BASIC SDK at the MyWizard site.


OZ/ZQ-7xx Wizards can share data with your personal computer via Rupp Lynx or Daytimer Organizer. From these programs you can print, export your files in many different file formats, and create new documents to be downloaded to your Wizard.


All of these functions, as well as the programs included with the Wizard, will help you organize your life!

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