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Here are some places that have some relevance to this site in some way (However stretched it may be...).

Coast to Coast AM
From ghosts to the Coral Castle-fans of the bizarre, come here.

A Dance with Death: A Shrine to Testament
Visit Attie's site. I have a couple pieces of fan art on it, plus there's a wav of Testament's bgm!

Like the Goo Goo Dolls? Then visit Freaky Geek's site and make the world that much more gooey.

Spiral Heaven @
Sol Badguy Z's site. Boards Boards everywhere!

Support Slave Labor Graphics-a small comic company that deals in alternative comics (cause American comics don't always have to be about super heros).

::grovel:: A site with great artwork. I am humbled.

Funny, sometimes violent-A very cool webcomic.

Also, I have some logos here if any of you want to link to my site (fuzzy, yes i know.::shrugs:: I try):

unconventional size

unconventional size



Special thanks to Carlos for making this for me! :D