A Mind Control Incident in Ohio:
An Exposé of the Foremost Threat
to Human Rights of Our Day—

Electronic Mind Control

The following events took place in a suburb of Cleveland (Maple Heights, Ohio) continuously from the year 1973 to the present.  They constituted a real life Nightmare on Elm  Street for this author (the victim of an awful organized criminal conspiracy).   It was important to bring this incident to public attention because it reveals a new technology which constitutes a threat to freedom and democracy wherever  they exist to an extent which must not be kept secret  or ignored.  It is in the hands of vicious organized criminal cliques who represent  a major threat to the health and safety of  everyone on the planet.  This  is truly usage of the Internet as its founders at DARPA intended  it--as a nerve network for the common  defense.  You are not being told the truth by the government or controlled press, who maintain a solid smokescreen.  Another reason for presenting these facts is to promote bringing to justice  these vicious criminal elements who have committed  atrocious  violations  against the human rights of their  victims.  There are enormous amounts of evidence that they have committed serial crimes against numerous defenseless people, involving acts of torture, cruelty, and degradation.

I presented these facts on Usenet (Internet newsgroups) starting in April, 1998, to the present.  I usually posted to the newsgroups alt.mindcontrol (which is a good place for a public forum on this subject), alt.conspiracy,  soc.rights.human, and alt.current-events, among others.   In fact, I contributed to a good number of the socially orientated newsgroups and some of the sci groups (with alt, soc, or sci prefixes).  The contents of these posts should be available in their entirety in various Usenet archives.  What follows is a loose compilation of  some of these texts with a little editing where appropriate.

I would appreciate if anyone who is able to contribute any information toward the solution of these crimes, or about mind control in general,  please email it to me at* or send it to me by regular mail at the address immediately below (--also where this particular crime is taking place).   You could also post it in a public forum like the Mind Control Forum (the new address of which is**)  or the newsgroup alt.mindcontrol.  Citizen action -type help is also needed with law enforcement and apprehension which the authorities will not do and have never done for twenty-seven solid years.  They are either deliberately or unintentionally failing to disarm violent organized criminal bullies and allowing tortures and de facto killings to take place.  These criminals would stop at nothing to control the United States or the rest of the world illegally, so you might ultimately be acting in your own self interest if you could contribute toward relief of the problem.


Carol Paliwoda
5333 East 141 Street
Maple Heights, Ohio 44137

 Last updated:  April 23, 2001


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*Since the demise of Internet, I lost my email address and the email associated with it.  If you sent any mail to the address, please remail to the new address if possible.

**Lately the Mind Control Forum has had trouble staying afloat, changing its address several times due to censorship and changed management, among other difficulties.  Hopefully it will survive these problems.   An alternative address for its mirror website (in case the first is down) is