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Tuesday, September 5th
Just changed my ftp server from anonymous login to username/password. Email/icq me at

Sunday, August 5th
Been awhile since my last update...

For two weeks now I have been living in San Deigo, CA and just started my new job last week. So good so far.

FTP server is up and running again. I've added directories of my old code from class assignments. Check them out.

Friday, July 14th
My cable modem goes back to AT&T@home so my ftp server will be down until about Thursday July 20th, perhaps Friday. It will be down because I am making the move to my job in San Diego. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, please send emails here (

Also please take a quick look at, my new website specially for the music I have created.

Monday, June 26th
The links on the Downloads page don't seem to work, so try this instead. Just do an anonymous login to the ftp server at "" port 1701. If you are using Internet Explorer, follow this link here.

Just finished a new song called "Afraid" and updated an old one "Why." You can find both of these MP3's via my ftp server mentioned above. I now have nine original songs, just about enough for an album. If I could ever get my voice recorded and mixed in, I might publish on or something.

I'm going on an apartment hunting trip to San Diego on Wednesday. Will return Sunday. Wish me luck.

Saturday, June 17th
My ftp server is up and running, but only with anonymous login. This a test link between the website and the server: readme.txt

Right now I will only make links from this website into the server, but if you email me, I can set you up with an account so you can access all the other stuff I have to offer (which is mostly mp3's). So go to the Downloads Page and look for two new movies under QuickTime Stuff and a new section "Full Mp3's".

Friday, June 16th
Lots of stuff to talk about because I haven't updated in nearly a month. I have an ftp site up and running and am just waiting for a name from As soon as it is available I will have my Desolate Soul mp3 collection (full songs) accessible as well as the "better" versions of the original songs I wrote in midi. You see, I found this software synthesizer that setups like a music score program such as finale. I can edit the instruments with digital effects so, for example, the guitars sound more like guitars with distortion pedals and all. Anyways... I also have my last two film/video projects ready for your viewing pleasure. They are more than 5 Mb a piece so you can see why I haven't been able to post them directly to this website.

I wrote a new song in the past couple weeks that I am eager to share. I am thinking that I will also post the lyrics for all of them.

In recent news... I just accepted an entry level position at Red Zone Interactive in San Diego, California. I am excited and overjoyed that I get to develop games so soon in my career. I will be moving out there before July 31st, so the aforementioned ftp server will be down for about a week. I'll let you know when that happens.

Check out their website at redzonegames.

Friday, May 26th
Been awhile since my last update. It's been a couple weeks now since I graduated and now I spend my days job hunting, working on projects, working out and eating alot so I can get big and strong. A friend and I are discussing starting a video/multimedia company in the future. Meanwhile we're going to work together on a Quake III mod or something similar.

***Check out some new code samples in Past Projects. I don't have most of the win32 executables working yet, though, but check out "" which is my raytracer.

Sunday, May 7th
QERadiant Presentation

Friday, April 28th
Just got more server space so I uploaded another QuickTime movie. This one is from Electronic Field Production I. See it.

Wednesday, April 26th
Check out two of my films I made in spring of 1998 in Film Production I here. I have more but I'm out of room at the moment.

Wednesday, April 13th
Click here to see an overview of the VolumePro volume rendering graphics card.

Tuesday, April 4th
-- Check out my Past Projects page for an OpenGL code example demonstrating Bezier splines and surfaces.

Sunday, April 2nd
-- Downloads page up
-- Insurrection desktop theme up. I just pieced together a picture and some icons. Never got around to sounds. Maybe later.
-- Coming soon: QuickTime movies of past projects

Friday, March 31st
-- Yippee! Insurrection skin finally completed. Now located under the Star Trek heading under the Sci-Fi section.
-- Next up: Downloads page

Tuesday, March 28th
-- html resume posted.
-- ST:Insurrection WinAmp skin almost done
-- Check out links page for Mediocre Superheroes

Sunday, March 26th
-- Guestbook up and running. Please leave you questions, comments, and suggestions. If I find enough demand for public display of the guestbook, I'll work on that. Otherwise it's just for my own benefit right now.
--Notice counter at bottom of page. Unfortunately, everytime you return to this page, the counter goes up. Maybe there's a way to fix that.

Friday, March 24th
Hello, welcome to my homepages. In the future, this page will contain update information, "what's new" kinda stuff, musings, etc.

Coming soon -- Star Trek Insurrection WinAmp Skin
Coming later --

QuickTime movies of selected work I've done out of the Comm. Studies department at the U of I
C++ code from selected work I've done out of the Comp. Sci. department

What's New
The fancy-smancy directory bar to your left
Additional content on all Personal area pages

New Current Projects section -- stuff I'm working on right now
New Past Projects section -- academic projects I feel are good enough to show off
New Download section -- everything that's listed on any page can also be found here