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Choice and Learning Styles
in the High School Classroom

Welcome to our Choice and Learning Styles Web Site! This site is dedicated to promoting choice in the high school classroom and increasing the use of learning styles theory to improve education. You will find lesson plans for math, science, English, foreign languages, humanities, social studies and art. Each of these lessons promotes choice in the classroom or presents materials with Gardnerís Multiple Intelligences theory Ė or both!

This site was created as part of the M.A.T. programís school change project in cooperation with University of Louisville and Waggener Traditional High School in Louisville, Kentucky. We hope you find this site useful. Please email comments to:

Lesson Plans

Social Studies
Foreign Languages

Student Engagement
Choice Theory
Multiple Intelligences

Page created by: Noel Gnadinger
Last updated: 11-7-2000
Concept created by Jenny Downs, Gary Stewart, Jacob McGill and Noel Gnadinger
This page was created as part of the Master's of Arts in Teaching Program at Univeristy of Louisville
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