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Libraries... The central tool of every successful hack. Some might be tempted to call them an AI. Of course that is what they are, a kind of artificial intelligence. But they aren't really all that clever.

Whatever you call this type of software - the importance to console cowboy is without doubt. A library forms the connection between the target system, the console and the brain. But it is even more then that. It is the ice breaker that infiltrates the system. It is the friend that will assist one.

All the commands a hacker gives will be redirected through this software. It won't do anything of its own 'mind'. One might ask now why does one use libraries. They seem to be kinda static. Would not the human mind be more effective? Of course it would be - but mindlink or no mindlink, the human brain cannot process data as fast as the system to be hacked. So a library is also a kind of buffer. Awaiting a chain of commands from the user and then performing them. Also the interface to the user is far more customized to his needs then the general net. So data from the library can be faster processed by the hacker.

As a result to this need, libraries exist in many different flavours. Some small ones, almost invisible; some fast; some giant behemoths, experts in crushing through systems. To say there is one for every taste would be exaggerating things, but there is quite some diversity. Of course some of that libs are quite rare and expensive.

And then there is classified stuff. Megacorp equipment. Military stuff. Black market gear. Many rumors rank over this kind of software. Many a hacker avoids them for some of them have been deadly to the user. One would be quite mad to use an untested one of those. But some of them might be the holy grail of the cyberworld.
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