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Despite the reigningship of the corps some individuals managed to make themselves known to all the world. Certainly a task that is almost impossible. The following is a short description of that persons.
A1 is the leader of Opaquat. Of course that is not his right name - rather his rank. This is also about all that is known of him. Rumors have it that A1 is an android or at least a cyborg. However this is very unlikely. There is no known AI that could manage this power. Let alone in such a small case as a mechanic body.

Mosquito as the B-AI-08/15 is nicknamed is probably the oldest still working bot design. It is not anything fancy or even strong. Still its rather low price combined with a good stability made it standard defense in many systems. Only relying on it would be quite a mistake however. Technically the Mosquito is formed by a variation of the SUB-666 routines with NOP-Bomber attack schemes.
Recently some modifications of the B-AI-08/15 using Sub-667, ANBs and stronger decks have been sighted.

Brother Korus
Korus is one of the 3 spiritual leaders of the Church. He is a strong follower of their believe. The net has to be completely destroyed. Korus is not as stupid as to believe it is possible to stop science, however. Rather he attempts to form it into paths that are in union with their god. The same holds true for the net in his opinion. It is said that he got problems inside the church for this believ.

Cray is one of the more sane members of the Netwalkers. He is more or less what could be seen as a spokesperson of them; besides that, he is well known for his aggressive attitude towards others of the profession. It is reported that he likes to provoke others into fights whenever possible.

Eliza AI
Yet another try to build an AI some say. A revolution in artificial intelligence others respond. It is a factum that Eliza is the closest to human thinking any machine ever did. It works very well when it comes to everyday tasks. However Eliza is quite slow. Also it tends to run into deadlocks quite often.

Excyal is a street gang - a very violent one at that. They are heavily influenced by The Church. In their zeal, they do not harm normal people. However - they are on a modern witchhunt when it comes to enhanced individuals. No matter whether genetic or mechanic modified.

Frebioc started out as a group of idealists. They wanted to enhance the live of all people. The fall came when Excyal entered their zone of influence. In the following years Frebioc left behind its ideals. Today Frebioc is formed by a number of freaks that think they are better then others. Frebioc is in permanent conflict with Excyal. Both would like to see each other extinguished.

Holly Andorra
Every man that likes entertainment knows Holly. She is one of the really big stars of the Pleasure Square; besides her natutal 'talents' Holly is also a very good singer. She did already release several shows on the net. Holly is also pretty sane for her kind of work.

Maximilian Rouda
The single richest person on earth. His wealth is close to that of a small company. However Rouda is not interested in their affairs. Instead he is a lover of the arts. His spleen is shown in his property, The Garden. The Garden is however not his only treasure. Rouda got the biggest collection of various arts.

Menesch is firm believer in the teachings of The Church. He is said to be rather close to Brother Korus. Menesch is often the one talking on behalf of his organization. Especially when it comes to the evil technic. Menesch is also an above average hacker, and he is not afraid to use this talent if it aids the church.
Menesch is feared for his destructive way of getting rid of opposition...

Founder of the Dark Path, Rouge was an extreme pro when it came to the net. It is said he was the best hacker of his time. Maybe the best ever. In a couple of months he made the Dark Path the feared group they are today.
However even Rouge found his master. One day it is said he was found dead over his deck. Nobody knows what happened. His body was burned and the ash distributed in the orbit.
However some hackers still insist that the saw him recently on the web.

Yakru and Xeres
Assassins, rumored to be working for the 5th House. They never failed a job. If sent after someone, that person better makes his' peace. Xeres is said to be quite good on the net as well, but both prefer the usual method of working.

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