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The following descriptions give a very brief overview over well-known places in and outside of the cyberspace. The list is nowhere complete and will change regulary. It will do so to only keep places that are currently 'in'. Hip sites grow so fast and vanish just as fast it would make no sense to keep obsolete ones...
Area 42
A high security plant of E-Dynamics. Here many of their new products are developed. E-Dynamics guards their property very well. Many would give their last cent to have a look at their latest developments. However besides getting a beta some weeks earlier Area 42 is not really that big target for a pro.

What would one expect from a place like this? Of course this is a virtual trading place for a lot of people. Once can find almost all types of stuff here. Even some professional hacking procs. Don't expect something too fancy however. In the darker alleys behind the place also often some other types of deals are done. In principle this place could be a dream for fresh hackers. However the constant presence of others makes it almost impossible to do runs here.

Bot Town
Bot Town is an unusual place. Only few know about the origins of the place or its position in the real world. For all that is worth Bot Towns seems to be an abandoned system. What makes it so special, however, is that Bot Town evolved to a kind of garbage bin for bots. As the result the place is crowded by various of that critters - making it almost impossible to enter. Not that many would want to. However this property makes Bot Town an ideal training field to learn new tricks without anyone watching as well.

The Eden Complex
The easiest way to describe it is by calling it a church, but that simple word does not give proper credit to the building. The Eden Complex is a monument for the power of the Church of Retro. It is also their main headquarters. Located on the icy continent of the South it is well guarded by nature.

The Garden
The Garden is a cyberspace construct, made by some of the most skilled cyber artists and programmers. Its detail richness is second to none. Only few did see it with their own 'eyes', however. The owner, Maximilian Rouda, does not like visitors. But those who did see it never stop talking. It has to be a display of art that is worth a company's years earnings; and probably that was what it cost to build it.

Hermes Clinic
The Hermes clinic is located in what once was the Northwest of the USA. It is one of the most advanced medic facilities around the globe. The Hermes clinic specializes in bionic technics. Especially linking of hardware and flesh. They did cooperate with ACD on some deck designs in the past, however the clinic does its best to stay neutral.

Orimuja Spaceport
Located in former Japan the Orimuja Spaceport is one of the 3 main civilian spaceports of the world. Orimuja concentrates on passenger transfers, especially for close orbital travels. As a result quite some wealth walks through its halls.

OX3 Space
OX3 is a rather young space travel complex. It emerged out of the private travel program of the now bankrupt OXXXA Inc. Despite its rather young age OX3 made its way right to the top when it comes to hauling goods up to the orbital stations.

The World Bank
Maybe the most famous cyberbuilding of them all - the central of the world bank. - is symbolized by a bright golden pyramid. When the sun is reflecting from it, it covers the surrounding in an orange light. Having the size of at least 10 times the next biggest cyberspace creation it is an imposing construct.
All this can not shadow that the World Bank is really only a puppet of the corps, however. No real power lies in it. Still the pyramid is a regular target for fame or wealth.

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