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Much has happened since the first tries of a world spanning net in the late 20th century. There is almost no outside of the net anymore. Each supercomputer as well as even toasters are connected. Terrabytes of data flow through each household every second, keeping everything in sync. A fully automated society - for those who can afford it.

Just as the net itself also the interface to it changed. Text terminals can only be found in museums anymore. Everything happens in a kind of virtual reality; but it is not the simple form of the early 21th century, using data gloves and heavy googles. Evolution in bio technology soon showed more efficient means of connecting meat to silicone. The data is directly projected into the respective areals of the human brain. While external devices might be sufficient for normal people, real addicts usually got implants for even faster reaction speeds.

A significant portion of daily life happens in cyberspace. When the next meal is only a wish away; when clothes are made individually for you; when locations are better then reality - who would still want to go out?

Each location in the real world has its virtual duplicate, symbolized by the data flowing through it; converted to please the human eye by the power of supercomputers.

A famous 'building' is the central of the world bank - a bright golden pyramid. When the sun reflects from it, it covers the surrounding in an orange light. Having the size of at least 10 times the next biggest cyberspace creation it is an imposing construct.

Almost as famous is The Garden. Only a selected few did see it from inside. The owner, Maximilian Rouda, does not like visitors; but those who did see it never stop talking. It has to be a display of art that is worth a company's year earnings - and probably that was what it cost to build it.
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