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In these times it is hard to stay on top for each individual, but this is even more true for corporations. In the years following the last war many corps vanished. Some ruined. Some bought out. The most recent acquisition was the 'unity' of Inux Incorporated and E-Dynamics forming Inux Dynamics.

As result not much more then a handful of corps remained today. Some smaller ones that menaged to stay alive so far with lots of dirty tricks, but mainly huge behemoths that are almost drowning under their own weight.
Many people like to work for those corps, but they look very closely at whom they employ. Unless you got a straight A and some connections or you can show a decade of experience - forget the job.


The 5th House
The 5th House is the leader in interfaces, especially in secured ones. Located on the largest continent they got a quite strange form of rulership. A reporter once named it the ninjas of cyberspace.
He might not have been that wrong. Only very few is known about the 5th House. It seems to be a fact that they got very close contacts to various crime groups. Maybe even the infamous Dark Path. At least the two seem to avoid each other.
Whatever the truth is, the 5th House is extremely violent for a corp. They also tend to see an enemy in any stranger. As far as it is known, they never hired someone outside of their circle.

Advanced Cyber Devices
ACD practically controls most of the commercial available cyberspace gear today. The company itself is almost as old as Megahard. It is unknown from where they did originate. Most likely they emerged when processor manufacturers of the 20th centuries united. ACD's goals are a bit a mystery.
They don't seem to be as power hungry as some other corps - not into the military sector at least. ACD is more patient. They prefer secrecy and clean jobs over raw attacks.

The Church of Retro
The Retros, as they are often called with some contempt, are a very old fashioned corp; how they menaged to survive till today is kind of a mystery. They look with contempt at the science as it is. They are fundamentalists of course. They also often fund groups that try to destroy the ruling class.
The Church of Retro only has a very limited number of hackers in their ranks. They prefer to settle conflicts the old way - a well-placed bomb or an accident at the right time... Of course none of that crimes are trackable back to them.
Producing wise the church controls a big deal of the industry 'nobody else wanted' - food, construction and so on.

Inux Dynamics
Only recently founded - when Inux Inc. was taken over by E-Dynamics - Inux Dynamics shows some promise. This very young megacorp already got their hands in at least as many politic stuff as the others. However they did not develop the kind of megalomania of the others (yet?). ID got its hands on almost the complete entertainment market. Through the acquisition of Inux they also now control a big chunk of the network sector - core part of the web itself.

A very old corporation. It is said that its roots reach back to the mid of the 21th century. Rumors are that it emerged out of the ashes when a company was 'sued to death' by the US government. Of course Megahard denies this version of their past. Once one of the biggest operating system designers Mega Hard is only a shadow of its most glorious past nowadays. The web of power makes them still a very influencal corp however, even if production is somewhat lacking. Some claim that Megahard only menages to hold its position with the help of criminal elements. A claim that could not been proven so far.

Very little is known of Opaquat. They are robotic specialists, but that is about it. Opaquat employees are extremely shy. Most communication with the corp is done through multiple encoded messages instead of live feeds. Paranoia is very usual if you are a megacorp, but Opaquat takes it to a new level. As a result many myths run around about them. Some say Opaquat is led by an android. However this is very unlikely. There is no known AI that could menage this power. Let alone in such a small case as a mechanic body.

Pleasure Square
Pleasure Square concentrates on the demands of the flesh in all its aspects. You can pay them for an affair for the night or some longer fun with whatever gender. Pleasure Square also can provide one with stimulanzia of all kind. They don't officially sell illegal drugs, but all is of course a matter of price. Not that unsurprisingly Pleasure Square is one of the richest corps, if not the richest one. However most of their employees tend to use their own products a bit too much.
Hackers are not that often seen with PS. They got another 'drug' after all. The few who are, are usually at the end - physically and mentally.

Other Groups

The Dark Path
Compared to The Dark Path even the FNP are only kids. Members of the Dark Path are sought all over the globe. Dead or alive. As far as it is know the DP started as a small criminal operation. However their leader - Rouge - was a god on the web. Some say he was the best console pro ever. In no time at all he menaged to bring his group up to notice of the corps. Only the most powerful ones don't fear the DP. But even they are glad when they leave their neighborhood.
The DP is engaged in all kinds of illegal activity, real world or cyber crimes. In fact they are the biggest illegal organization in the world nowadays.

Free Net Project
Cyberterrorists best describes this group, at least when asking the PR units of the megacorps. The members of the Free Net Project just seem to take joy in making everyone's live hell. Especially well organized structures seem to be on their list of preys, but also normal people are not safe. Once the FNP blocked world wide satellite broadcast for almost 10 minutes. When they retreated the laughed at their hunters. The motives are various. Some of them are just in for the fun. Others believe to free the world from the corps. In any case these people are dangerous. They also don't restrict themselves to cybercriminality. At least a hundred terroristic deeds in the real world are associated to them.

The Netwalkers
The Netwalkers clan is quite similar to the White Circle when it comes to skill, but they also don't fear to get their hands dirty. Some of their members have been seen to play Robin Hood and transfer money from a corp to non profit organizations. But just as well others did kill the power of an entire town for 30 minutes. When asked why they do it Cray, member of the NW responded "Because we can". The 'walkers are a very chaotic heap. There are reports that they even fight each other just for fun. In the midst of a public place, for everyone to see. Strangely enough their ranks never seem to shrink - loons are always on high production as it seems.

The White Circle
Not much is known about that group, besides that they are almost godlike when it comes to cyberspace. It is reported that this group even once menaged to intrude 'The Pyramid'; just to place their logos all over. Then they vanished again without taking anything. The White Circle seems to be an extremely well organized group of cyber freaks that likes a challenge. Despite multiple tries of various corps it was not able to crush them so far.
However TWC doesn't only have enemies. The fact that they like to 'toy' around with corps makes them the heroes of quite some people
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