I never knew Tipper's real name was Amanda. I always assumed she was just an airhead.

    9-08-03... Replaced old battery with new one. Added second part of the "Ultimate guide of dating for Supra owners."
    8-19-03... 90tsupraboy rewired my foglights while I just sat there and talked about why 88's rule the world. Added the ultimate guide on dating.
    7-25-03... Added two new pics.
    7-14-03... All girls assume that all Asian guys have small dicks that try to compensate by driving fast cars. There, I said it. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Yeah, I said pipe.
    7-8-03... Added the San Leandro Meet pics here.
    7-05-03... Today I saw one of my exes when I drove past her and she was fatter than I remembered. Damn right she deserves that for being all mean to me. No real updates, just wanted to share that with everybody. See everyone at the San Leandro Marina meet tomorrow.
    6-29-03... Felt like creating another page. Will add more stuff later

    San Leandro Meet 7/06/03 Pics Here.
    Joey: Get over yourself. I'll have you know that I stuck a dollar in that jukebox over 3 hours ago. I was not gonna leave until I heard my song.

    Witeenigma's car, not mine.

    Here goes a tip to all my fellow Supra owners. The ultimate guide on how to score a girl. It is like when a friend that is a girl tells you of a creepy old guy that tried to hit on her at the mall yesterday. The problem isn't the guy, it's your friend. The guy has the right idea. Because he knows through statistics that if he hollers at every girl he sees, one of them is bound to think, "why not" and go for it. Then he can decide to be picky and single out which girl he'd like to get with. It is that simple. All girls in college go for one of these two types: the creepy older man or the bad boy. That's why it's fun to say to them, "You mean when your boyfriend was 10 years old, you weren't even born yet?" It gets them every time.

    You only get gold digging chicks with Supras. Well, the newer Supras anyways. A Supra owner that says that his girlfriend is very down to earth is lying. Girls think that since you spend so much money on your car, you'll spend as much or even more on her. Boy will she be in for a shock when you can barely afford lunch due to the oil changes you have to go through every three months. College is a time to store up a lifetime full of memories. So before that girl goes off and becomes a housewife, she will do mistakes on purpose just for fun, such as dating bad boys or T.As. What's the deal with that? I totally broke off a chick when she told me a TA asked her out on a date and she actually thought about it. If a girl tells you she thought about doing something, she probably already did it.

    Girls only get with ugly guys or fat guys for the same reason Supra owners get a daily driver, reliability. Those chicks are scared that a good looking guy will leave them or worse cheat on them. So you should cherish every minute with her before she realizes how far out of your league she is and dumps your boring ass. Never go on long trips or introduce your friends to your girl unless you want to destroy the image that you've created of yourself for her. Nothing good can ever come out of a vacation together.

    Bad guys are more persistent than nice guys. Why this one girl I know, she said she wouldn't be dating her current boyfriend because he fit the bad boy model and she knew to stay clear of them. But the guy kept on bothering and hassling her until she gave in, went on a couple of dates, and now they're boyfriend and girlfriend. Being persistent without being arrogant is the key. Also to "happen" to bump into her at convenient places so that it seems like fate brought you guys together and not some devious planning on your part. Never press poor, badly or poorly. Because chicks will either think that you're rich, but slumming, which makes you a wannabe; or a poor slob, which means, why would she spend time with you anyways?

    If your girl just introduced a guy as "just a friend," don't believe it. That means they have made out before but were too embarrassed to be seen in public together. If a girl likes to hold your hand everywhere you go, that means she's controlling.

    The best way to breakup is face to face. Be a man man, grow some hair on that chest. And don't be all girly about it and do it over the phone or the internet. If a girl acts all distant and you suspect her of cheating, don't ask her if she is, just dump her. If you can feel something is going wrong, it already has. If you feel she's bored with the relationship, end it. Most likely it's her fault anyways. It might be a month after the break up you'll realize that she wasn't that cute anyways.

    *new Oh and all girls date guys that don't deserve them. If a chick says that "she's never done this before", she's lying. Never believe a girl that says that she's saving herself for marriage, she's just waiting for the next guy other than you to rock her world. Girls go out with the richest guy that they can attract. Guys go out with the prettiest girl that they can afford. That is all.

    Exhibit one
    That Dawson: Ok. All right. My mistake.

    Exhibit two
    Joey: So tell me about this movie you're making.
    Tila Nguyen is not hot.

    Dawson: Um, it's a horror movie... no matter what Todd says. He likes to tell people that it's a Hitchcockian thriller, but that's kind of like saying Happy Gilmore is an homage to Woody Allen. You look great, by the way.
    Euro side marker lights (thanks to suprasport.com)

    Joey: Thank you.
    New floor mats (thanks to witeenigma and his fat collection of Britney Spears dvds)

      What I have to say about car shows

      What's the deal with booty shaking contests at Import shows? You know that Asian girls have no ass. I love Asian girls, truly I do, but they just have no jelly with that roll. In a contest, they might have one Black chick that knows how to work it, but she'll never win because, face it, the crowd is mostly Asian/White and would prefer the Asian chick to win. There might be one White or Latina chick that might not know how to work it, but if she is cute enough and strips her clothing off, she might be good enough for second or third place. The winner is always the Asian chick. Even if she won't bare it all, or know how to dance, or isn't that good looking, she will ultimately win.

      Car shows aren't really that fun because you can't lay the smackdown on someone's ride without being fearful that they are hovering nearby looking for any feedback to their cars. The owners always blend in with the crowd, you never know who actually owns the car unless they're actually sitting in them.

      All the non model girls you see at car shows are only there because their boyfriend dragged them to it, they own a show car, or they hope to be featured in a magazine. There might be some girls that actually go there because they like cars, but that's like one chick out of every two shows.

      There should be a rule that bans guys from not having a shirt on during a show. I don't care how hot it is, a shirtless guy just ruins my appetite for everything, including cars. Tank tops are borderline admissible.

      What I have to say about Ricers

      Calling a car a "ricer" is insulting the car by calling it "Asian". No one ever dares call a car a "beaner" if they know a Mexican dude is next to him. But since people use the word "ricer" so much, they figure it has lost all it's racial sluriness. Well, people still use the word mulatto and pronounce Arab "A-rab", that doesn't mean that they're right. Most people use the term "rice" like it's a curse word.

      Tech tips

      Dawson: I don't say things like that nearly enough. The second I saw you I thought to myself,

      Everyone should do the "cell phone" mod to their car if they want an additional 20 horsepower. All it requires you to do is talk on your cellphone in your left hand while grabbing the top of the steering wheel with your right. This mod is guaranteed to make you drive an additional 10 mph over what you usually do.

      But if you feel like the "cell phone" mod is adding too much power to your ride, all you have to do is counter it with the "stupid expensive bottled water" mod. In this situation you talk on your cell phone through a headset and drink your oddly tasteless water with your right hand. Guarantees that you'll be doing 20 in 25 mph zones easily. Especially useful while doing U turns and rudimentary left hand turns.

      Joey: Is this some player routine you work shopped in L.A. Over the summer?
      I finally gave in and installed fog lights (thanks to 87silverMKIII)

      Dawson: Can a guy not tell a girl that she looks great without there being some sort of manipulation involved?

      Joey: Generally, no.
      Supras invade 87silvermkiii's quiet neighborhood.

      Dawson: Ok, good point. But this is you and me. General rules do not apply to you and me. They never have.
      Another pic of my car at Vegas. Me in the far left..

      The honest.com counter was at 4186.

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