10 Ways To Make a Korean Guy Happy

1. Be as gulible as you can be! Korean guys like it if they "shock" you with how much they know (which isn't a lot). They might actually repeat themselves sometimes but you must act like you never heard it before pretend you forgot.

2. Be thin, tall, and gorgeous. If that's not possible, then just look good. Must have a great sense of style (which won't be that hard since having a great sense of style comes naturally to a korean girl.) Korean guys like it when his Korean namja chin-goo-duls think his girl is "Mad Fly" or "Fuine",that means they're jealous, hence, your boyfriend gets "props" from his"boys".

3. Always call your Korean boyfriend, "oppa" (if he's older than you.) Even if they think it's annoying, you know deep down inside they get a kick out of hearing you whine "OOH-PAAAH!" all the time. [hint: if you have a really cute "oppa whine", then you might get him out of a bad mood or free food or something or other.]

4. Let the man treat you out. Even if your Korean boyfriend is broke, cheap, or poor, they like buying you lunch or some little surprises just because.

5. Always be thankful (refer to #4). A big reason why Korean guys do #4 is because of #5. Always say these words, "AHHHHH, OPPA, that's so sweet!" or "AHHHH, OPPA, nua mu cha kae!" Korean guys like it when they hear they're "cha kae" even though they're not.

6. Always let him know where you're gonna be. Korean guys can get over protective sometimes and they have a "duty to protect what's theirs". It can get annoying at times but it's also very sweet when you think about it.

7. Never drive a better car than your Korean boyfriend's. That means: don't go off showing your new Acura Integra when your boyfriend has a '89 Hyundai. One thing you must know, cars are their most prized possessions (well, second to you of course!) That means, never ask to drive it either! Korean guys like driving their girlfriends to places, but don't take the chauffeur thing for granted, you never know when you're Korean boyfriend had it enough of paying tons of money for gas.

8. Compliment him on just about everything! His clothes, his hair, his "awesome singing abilities", his "better than Kim Gun Mo dance moves", his "Mad skillz at playing pool", etc. And always compliment him when his "boys" are around OR when your "gurls" are around. Either way, someones gotta be around.

9. Hit him (lightly, like a love tap on his arm) whenever he says something funny or something stupid. Korean guys will pretend that your hit hurt him and cry "AH, ah pua!" but in actuality, it really didn't. [hint: Korean guys only do this in thinking that it'll boost the Korean girl's self-esteem.] Then, what the korean girlfriend must do is pretend to believe that her hit did hurt him and say a million apologies and give a million hugs and kisses. [hint: Korean guys like it when Korean girls feels sorry for them.] *Refer to no.1* What korean guys don't know if that Korean girls aren't that dumb, hence making the Korean guys look like the dumb ones.

10. Finally, a Korean girlfriend has to LOVE her Korean boyfriend unconditionally to make him happy! Because if he's happy, then we're happy, right?

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