Before, If You Were Confused If A Girl You Knew Was Asian, Just Check These Lines To See If She Fits Any Of These Symptoms. First See If She...

1. be wearing platforms
2. be wearing flares
3. has one of those fake-ass voices on the phone
4. carries a big-ass purse
5. carries hella pictures of her homies in the purse
6. knows everybody in town
7. thinks she knows about cars, but really don't
8. always be fiending for "pho"
9. lies about her age when y'all first meet
10. thinks she knows how to drive
11. talks hella fast on your voice mail
12. has a 800 or 888 number
13. shares a 800 or 888 with her homies
14. carries a pager for the time
15. has money but is hella cheap when it comes to paying
16. has taken studio pictures more than 7 times a month
17. wears a(n) Nautica, Tommy, Polo, Nike, or Adidas jacket
18. wears those fake-ass leather jackets
19. is seen every week at the mall
20. wear tight see-through shirts
21. never goes anywhere without at least her homie or her cousin
22. seems to be cousins with all the females in town
23. drives hella crazy... cuz she can't reach the pedal all the way
24. thinks she's fat... when she's like a little toothpick
25. likes it when peeps tell her she's cute... cuz she conceited
26. brings hundred lbs. of make-up in her purse
27. carries a back-pack to the mall after school... like she's a school girl
28. wants to get color contacts to look good 29. is always talking about "Asian Pride"
30. is always reppin her nationality
31. knows cities as their area code rather than the name
32. calls a city by ?-town or ?-side
33. if she's a good girl... has strict ass parents
34. if she's a bad girl... goes out every night
35. used to be a thug/gangsta girl
36. loves to karaoke with her homegirls
37. can't sing when she's with her man
38. can write hella nice
39. writes "sorry so sloppy" on every letter
40. dislikes Mariah Carey's racist ass
41. dislikes Hilfiger's racist ass
42. dislikes DiCaprio's gay ass
43. dislikes Ma$e's retarded ass
44. dislikes Russians' stank asses
45. watches Days of our Lives
46. watches guys play b-ball
47. thinks she can play b-ball
48. plays b-ball without shoes... cuz she only has platforms
49. if her natural hair color is nothing but a faint memory in the past
50. rather be single than go with a white-boy
51. freaks at every dance
52. booty shakes at every dance
53. if she's a good girl... loves lil' kids
54. if she's a bad girl... loves to hate lil' kids
55. wants an Integra GS-R... cuz every girl does
56. asks every guy she knows for a ride to everywhere
57. calls everyone to get a ride
58. pages everyone with "good night" when they go to sleep
59. pages everyone with her number... just to say hi
60. loves money... regardless who's it is

If she answered more to 20 of these personality trait, now that's a real Asian woman.

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