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Last Update on 9-12-08
Was at the company party and started doing some 6 step, gyros and some half-hearted windmills. Some people were so amazed even though I know I could have done better.

Last Update on 7-8-05
Updated The release of In Living Color on DVD is good for every dancer to get an idea of routines. Growing up, it was either Soul Train or In Living Color for dance moves. But they flash by so fast, it's hard to learn it. Now with DVD's you can go back and see how they're done. Simple moves combined together to make. Along with for classic music videos. Learn a whole lot. routines. More Movies With Breakdancing In Them Here,

Previously on 11-28-04
Added "Honorable Mentions" To The List Of Movies With Breaking In Them Here, Also Updated "Upcoming ABD Movies" page Here,