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Home Page of the Casibari Scouting Group

Welcome to the homepage of the Casibari Scouting Group
located on the beautiful and tropical island of
in the Caribbean Sea.

The Casibari Scouting Groups' official name is :


member of


Motto of the Casibari Scouting Organization :

Casibari Scouting Group, more than just scouting.

The Casibari Scouting Group exists since April 19th,1971, and was founded by H.C. Jan Lobbrecht. The group recently opened its' doors to both boys and girls. Further more the Casibari Scouting Group proudly announces that they are the one and only "purely in nature" operating scouting movement in Aruba. This due to the fact that they keep all their meetings in the outdoors.

Enjoy your journey on the fields of the Casibari Scouting Group.

Scouting Casibari Development Fields

In this Homepage there are some items we consider important. These items are transformed into information pages. If you have any interes in any of them, just click on its' title. For more information about any item you can simply send us an e-mail and we will come in contact with you.

The items are :

The Pack of cubs have their own page and are expecting you over there.

click on the picture and go directly to the photoalbum of the cubs.

Click on the image on the side and go to the Home Page of the Casibari Boyscuts.

The photoalbum of the boyscouts is under construction at the moment.

Casibari offers more then just scouting.
The boyscouts challenge their knowledge and habilities with nature.

The photoalbum of the adventurous scouts is under construction at the moment.

Scouting Aruba
Since April 23rd, 2000, scouting in Aruba is organized under one national scouting organization.

This site is still under construction !!

The Casibari Scouting Group extends its' helping hand out in order to help foreign scouting groups that are interested in Scouting in Aruba.

To get information about and assistance during your camp on the island, just let us know.

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