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The Candy Box



The Candy Box!


Welcome to the Updated new-styled Web Site of my ongoing collection of Chocolate Bar Wrappers. 


What is this page for?


I designed this page to share my hobby of collecting CHOCOLATE BAR WRAPPERS with the world and find more contacts interested in exchanging wrappers. Go to the Galleries to see the list of wrappers and their scans. Every country has a gallery and I have add basic facts about the country as well. Enjoy the visit.


I have found that i got visitors from everywhere, including countries I do not have any wrapper at all. Is your country in the list? If not, what are you waiting and trade with me! If it is, i also want to trade with you! Contact me now!  I am particularly looking for wrappers from: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and other central american countries. Yugoslavia and former republics, Bulgaria, Albania, Andorra, Romania, Iran, Yemen, Cyprus and other mediterranean and middle east countries including Malta; Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh and other southasian countries;  Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia and other african countries. 



I will only scan those wrappers which i think are the best. Scanning them all is too much work and I don't have time!



Well, after all this, What are you waiting! TRADE WITH ME!!!  I am open to trade with anyone in the world! 




Disclaimer: In this age of internet information full of surfers everywhere with everything on their minds, I had to come to put a Disclaimer, as everyone else does:   By entering, accesing, loading this page you accept all terms stipulated by ME regarding the use and content of the wrappers scanned here. This page is non profit oriented. It is my hobby! 


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My website is no longer being updated. Feel free to browse through the old gallery. My intention is to build a new site in 2007, visit again soon for more news.

Wrapper Gallery

Currently:  more than 600 chocolate wrappers from 50 countries. Click here to go the galleries!


latest Country Additions:




Other Interesting Sections


Don't forget to visit the Mexican Chocolate & Wrappers facts in the Mexico chocolate page! 

The Candy Box All- Time Top 10!

1. La Corona - El Mono y Los Pescadores - Mexico

2. Amul - Fruit and Nut Milk Chocolate - India

3. Caffarel - Cioccolato Ginevra - Italy

4. Nacional de Chocolates - JET Chocolatina - Colombia

5. Kalev - Mesikapp - Estonia

6. Nidar - Troika - Norway

7. Bremen - Vaquita - Mexico

8. Hershey  - Milk Chocolate -  U.S.A. (1987) My First Wrap.

9. Kalev - Nurr - URSS

10.Ghirardelli - Milk Chocolate Crisp - USA


Last Update: 11/FEB/2002