My "HiFi" and stereo setups.

This was my first "HiFi" set bought in 1956 when I was living with my parents in Dunedin Fla. It consisted of a Newcomb Amplifier, A Jensen speaker and of Voice of Music record scratcher, er ah, record changer.

By 1959 I had converted to Stereo. I dropped a stereo cartridge into the VM and constructed two copies of the Newcom amplifier on a 17 x 13 x 3 inch chassis, seen near the bottom of the cabinet with the external power supply to its left. The VM changer is in the center of the shelf with a Stromburg-Carlson AM/FM tuner to its right. The old phonograph on the left was just to fill up space. On top of the cabinet are two different models of Silvertone real to real tape recorders. The speaker cabinets - built by my father - used a pair of 3 inch table radio speakers for tweeters and an old jukebox speaker in one and a Zenith floor model radio speaker in the other. Look at the shelf just above the right hand speaker. That's a tube tester. I still have it and it still works.

The system quickly grew and improved. By about 1962 I had constructed a pre-amp and bought a Fairchild turntable. The funny looking device just to the right of the turntable is a home built FM stereo demodulator. The speakers had been improved too by the installation of two Electro Voice 12 inch 3 way speakers and some grill cloth.

After I moved to Bowling Green KY in 1968 I took this picture. The main things of interest in this photo are the pre-amp and power amp from the old stereo which are stored on the bottom shelf of the desk. I still have them too. I put so many hours into building them I just can't bring myself to tare them apart.


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