Tips From Mac's Workbench.

by Mike (Mac) McCarty.

Introduction by Max Robinson.

Mac is a regular contributor to the Fun with Tubes email forum and Is highly knowledgeable in the areas of electricity, electronics, and mathematics. He has so many cogent thoughts on questions that are asked on the forum that I have prevailed on him to become a contributor to this site. He has agreed to post his thoughts under the general title of "Tips From Mac's Workbench". Mac is also the author of, "What is a Ground", found in "The Basic Stuff" above. Welcome aboard Mac. I'm sure everyone will be looking forward to your next posting.

Max Robinson.

Steps to First Power On.

Don't just get your grandfather's radio down from the attic, plug it in, and turn it on. It is very likely that one or more unobtainable parts will go up in smoke. If certain precautions are taken you can soon have that family keepsake playing like new. Mac discusses procedures and some simple apparatus that should be employed before and during power up of electronics equipment that has been unused for many years or even decades.