My Kilowatt AM ham station
about 1959

It was a pair of 813s modulated by a pair of 810s. The heavily modified Globe Chief on the right side of the double rack was the driver or could be used barefoot. The unit below the Globe Chief was the modulator for the Chief and the driver for the 810s. My call sign was - and still is - K4ODS (Old Dirty Socks) the QTH was Dunedin Fla.

About four years later the modulator/driver was rebuilt and the 813s made switchable to AB1 mode for an SSB linear. I didn't go grounded grid as so many 813 builders did because I wanted to keep AM capability and my exciter was a 10A.

The Central Electronics 10A has been added above the VFO shelf which is above the NC300. Although most people are skeptical, I DID NOT midnight requisition the speaker. I found it in a junkyard.

After I graduated from the University of Fla. and left home I needed to travel lighter. The Heathkit SB line was a good rig. I used the Drake 2B for separate receive and transmit operation. I regret very much selling the Heathkit equipment. I do still have the Drake 2B.


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