This is a graph with three curves. The red curve is for the mislabeled 6BH6, The green curve is for a good 6BH6 and the blue curve is for a 6BA6, remote cutoff pentode. The horizontal scale is labeled grid voltage in volts and goes from minus 35 to 0 volts. The vertical scale is labeled plate current in milli amps and goes from 0 to 10. The green curve begins at about minus 3.5 volts and .1 mA. The voltage is about minus 1 volt at about 4 mA and hits 0 volts at about 8 mA. The red curve begins at minus 20 volts at .1 mA, minus 7 volts at 1 ma, minus 5 volts at 2 mA, and hits minus 1 volt at 10 mA. The blue curve begins at minus 34 volts and .1 mA, minus 16 v at 1 mA, minus 9 v at 2 ma and ends at minus 2 v and 10 mA. End verbal description.
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