I don't mean to deceive anyone but this is not a page based on my personal experience building speaker systems. It may become that some day but at the moment I have no experience in this area.

This page contains the results of a late night Google search and a subsequent afternoon and evening visiting the sites and editing the html.

At this writing I have not read each page in full, I have only scanned them. I can't promise that the information given on each site is correct. If you find that some of it is way out in left field, don't blame me.

Most of what I found are sub-pages of the main site. It is likely that everybody knows how to get to the home page but just in case there is someone who missed it, after all, none of us was born with knowledge about the world wide web, but I digress, here is how to get there.

Look at the url in your browser bar. Somewhere in the middle there will be a ".com/___". The "___" part will be the name of the html file on the site. Delete everything from the end back to the ".com" and press enter. Some of the sites are ".org" or ".edu". They may or may not be of interest to you. I have included a warning about sites that put a lock on your browser to keep the back button from working. Read before clicking.

Well, that's about all there is to say. Have fun with speakers.

Speaker Design and how it affects your choices
11/02 - Larry Mundy

From the web site.

Larry Mundy is, in his words, "a cranky old coot in north Texas who never made it big in rock and roll, but hasn't given up because he has so few other talents. He has participated in the 'involuntary disassembly' of many speakers and cabinets over the years, and is a proponent of clean, loud sound because he's now half-deaf and can't really hear much else."

My comments.

Larry writes in a relaxed amusing style while imparting useful information. Well worth a read.

Do-it-yourself audio news, information and design at audioDIYcentral

My comments.

This is a large site which may keep you up late some night.

Steve Ekblad's Free Audio Software and On-Line Enclosure Design

My comments.

I have not tried any of these programs. If I do I will change this message.

DIY speakers.

My comments.

This is one page on what appears to be a commercial site. I think there is some useful information here but bare in mind that the writer may have a pecuniary interest in the choice of parts.

Crutchfield Advisor - Speakers - Glossary

My comments.

Although this is a .com site they don't appear to have anything for sail. Lots of product reviews. I don't think everyone will agree with some of the definitions in the glossary.

Peter's Loudspeaker Designs

My comments.

This page is on a .edu site so I suspect that Peter may be a professor, possibly retired, like me.

Speaker System Design Software Tools

DIY # 8 Titan Powered Subwoofer

My comments.

This appears to be issue number 8 of a publication. If you go to the home page there are many reviews of equipment and DVD movies available. Be warned! There is code on the home page that captures your browser and your back button won't work. I hate sites that do that! The "DIY # 8 etc" link does not have this capture code.

ISHTEK Speaker Design Basics

ISHTEK Speaker Design

My comments.

My Google search turned up two hits on this same site. In addition to a lot of information there is an applet for designing a speaker cabinet.

Speaker Design Project

My comments.

This is a student project which isn't finished. Some of the references may be useful. It will be interesting to watch it and see where it goes.

KBá - Home Page

My comments.

Lots of links to lots of stuff.

Audio Speaker Design Calculators - KBá

Linkwitz Lab - Loudspeaker Design

My comments.

Parts, kits, and factory built units.


Speaker Parts, Components, Audio Discussion - Madisound Speaker Components, Inc.

My comments.

Looks like a very useful site.

Madisound Speaker Components, Inc. - - Loudspeaker Design Cookbook 6th Edition - Special

The link above is to a limited quantity special. On the site he says he has 100 books in stock. He now has 99. I will take this link down when he runs out of them.

Speaker Box Designer Software - British

My comments.

Prices are in pounds and pents.

HiFi Speaker Design © mhSoft 2006

My comments.

This site has a plethora of on-line calculators.

Fostex, the BK-16 kit, $635.00.

The Art of Speaker Design

My comments.

This site starts out with a long text page that seems to be worth the time to read it. If you go to the home page you will find lots of information about triode amplifiers and lots of links as well.

The Frugal-Horns Site -- High Performance, Low Cost DIY Horn Designs.

I like puns so I really dig the name of this site.

Speaker Design - Sample Champion measurement features

Software for testing speakers.

Quarter Wavelength Loudspeaker Design

My comments.

This sounds like a most interesting concept.

Wayne's Speaker Building Page

My comments.

The home page is primarily a computer site but this speaker design section is included.

Loudspeaker construction

My comments.

This is another good looking site with lots of links. DON'T GO TO THE HOME PAGE. It will trap your browser by disabling the back button. - The Loudspeaker Builder Resource

My comments.

Looks interesting.

TOA Speaker System Design Software

My comments.

Free software. Ceiling and wall speakers. May be of limited interest to this group.

True Audio, Audio Spectrum Analyzer and Loudspeaker Design Software

My comments.

Spectrum analysis software, not free. I wonder what you are supposed to do for a calibrated microphone.

The link below is an article on the same site.

TA Speaker Topics Loudspeaker Design Tradeoffs

Usher 701 System Kit.

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