Two vertical dashed lines indicate magnetically coupled coils or a ferrite rod antenna. There are three coils shown on the rod and all three of them are used. On the left a small coil is labeled small winding. The bottom, black leed, of this winding is connected to circuit common and earth ground. The top, white, is connected to an antenna. On the right a larger winding has it's yellow leed connected to common. The upper, green, leed connects to a variable cap. The other end of the cap goes to common. The green leed goes through a 100 pf cap to pin 1, grid, of the 6AU6 tube. A 2.7 meg ohm resistor goes from the grid to common. The cathode, pin 7, and suppressor grid, pin 2, are connected to common. The heater, pins 3 and 4 connect to a source of 6.3 volts. The plate, pin 5, connects to the bottom end, blue leed, of the third coil, see text. The upper end of this coil, red, connects through a 100 k ohm resistor to 150 volts DC. The red leed also goes through a 100 pf 200 v cap to common. The red leed also goes through a 0.01 microfarad 200 v cap to the output terminal. A 4.7 meg ohm resistor connects from the output to common. The plus 150 volt point goes through a 270 k ohm resistor to the top of a 100 k ohm pot, the bottom end goes to common. The wiper of the pot goes to the screen grid, pin 6, of the tube. A 0.5 microfarad 200 v cap goes from pin 6 to common. End verbal description.
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