Figure 1, Frequency response of a series tuned circuit. This figure is a rectangle implying a graph but there are no numbers. A line begins in the lower left corner which rises slowly as it moves to the right. The closer it gets to the center of the graph the faster it rises. At the center of the graph it rises to a peak and starts down again. The height of the peak is about 3/4 of the height of the graph. After descending from the peak the curve becomes less steep as it moves farther to the right. The curve meats the right edge of the rectangle just a little above the lower right corner. There is a horizontal line across the graph at about 1/2 the height of the graph. It is labeled quote, minus 3 d b down from peak, end quote. The peak of the curve is labeled F r which stands for frequency of resonance. The curve intersects the horizontal line at two points. The one to the left of the peak is labeled f 1 for frequency one. The one to the right of the peak is labeled f 2 for frequency two. This completes the verbal description.
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