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If you are not well acquainted with electric circuits you may find this page helpful.
Electrical Circuits Explained.

How to Build a Racing Drone.

Electronic Products Magazine - Component and Technology News

Electronics Experimenters, design engineers & hi-tech lovers!

Electronic Products features the ultimate in electronic information hot tips, trends, gizmos & gadgets.

Order PCB.

A marketplace where engineers and board houses connect and collaborate to create the world's newest ideas a one-stop-shop for board ordering.

I'm a freelance contractor who ended up doing a mixture of audio, industrial and microprocessor projects. Some of the reverse engineering and creative solutions are interesting.

Antique Radio Pictures and Radio Information.
This Site is Dedicated to Preserving Antique Radios and the History of Radio.

WEBTECHNOLOGYUSA is a directory of Technology websites. This directory is a good place to start when looking for a list of the top Technology websites, blogs and forums.

PartSim - Online Circuit Simulator with SPICE | PartSim

History of the Radio from Inception to Modern Day
This is a well prepared site that provides much more detail than is available here.

Electronic Circuits Design of electronics projects and hobby kits

Circuit Diagram - Schematics is the language of electronics. It provides a concise and comprehensive diagrammatic description of a circuit. Schematics.com allows users to connect and share designs and ideas in a like-minded community.

For both tube and transistor DIY visit High End Audio

Datasheets 360

This site has 70 million electronic components, each with its PDF datasheet. We're working on scaling the site up to 350 million parts (We should be up to about 180 million this summer).

The site has inventory and pricing from many of the top distributors. It also features a part number search that is very good.

Test Equipment and Tools.

Circuit Specialists carries a number of assorted test equipment devices and tools that make home do-it-yourself projects quick and easy.

I have been dealing with Circuit Specialists for many years and can vouch for their reliability and integrity. Max Robinson.

Electronic Circuits Design software and electronic projects


Games, Gadgets, and more.

EEWeb: Electrical Engineering News, Resources, and Community.

EEWeb Electronics Forum.

Our customized forum is very powerful and supports: threaded comments, ability to upload images and files, LaTex equations, etc.

Come back to the Fifties!

Vacuum tubes were the technology from the 1920s through the early 1970's until the "solid state" era took over. Try one of our 1950's style tube projects, and re-live the satisfaction of building a working electronic device using vacuum tubes.

Visit Tube Projects.

AllegroSound Original Reference Tubes© are guaranteed to improve your recording and replay system or $ back on tubes! Featuring fabled 12AX7B©, 12AU7B©, 6072M©, precision-Tested/Selected/Matched on vintage Tektronics 570 curve-tracer and Hickok 1234 CardMatic, 100-day AllegroExchange©, 1-Year pro-rated AllegroWarranty©, WorldWide shipping. AllegroSound (Est.1973), Los Angeles California, tel.818.377.5264, Email us. Visit our web site

Antique Radio Repair
Antique radio repair and restoration.

Vintage Tube Amp Repair.
...including Custom and Boutique Amps.

Datasheet Archive. Search engine for electronic component datasheets and application notes. Although the emphasis is on transistors and ICs there are data sheets for many tubes as well.

Here is a link to a tube site in Brazil. I'm sure it's a fine site for our Portuguese speaking friends. Below is a copy and paste from the site. I have no idea of what I have pasted but I assume it has to do with the site since it's from the front page.

Bem vindos!

Apresento-lhes projetos de amplificadores de audio e RF, pré-amplificadores, equalizadores, geradores de audio, transmissores, receptores, transceptores, fontes, pedais de efeito para instrumentos musicais, todos à VALVULA!

Construídos artesanalmente por mim. Vacuum Tube Brazil.

Kevin K's Old Radio Page.

Here is an exact copy and paste from his page.

"Welcome to my Old Radio Page! The site is mostly pictures of my own and family members' radio collections, with make and model info, sometimes with some comments on resoration details etc."

The Old Radio Builder.
This site is dedicated to those who enjoy building radios and other electronic devices using parts and techniques from bygone eras.

North West Vintage Radio Society. Dedicated to the Preservation and Enjoyment of Vintage Radio and Wireless Equipment Serving the greater Portland, Oregon area

Joel Tunnah's Vacuum Tube Audio and DIY Projects.

Don's Radio Museum and Emporium.
This site offers a RADIO MUSEUM to browse and an EMPORIUM where you may purchase stuff to do with the hobby of restoring old tube radios.

Pedro and Patrick's Projects.
In these web pages, we have put together a collection of our most treasured projects... in the hopes of instilling interest to those that are new to the world of hobby electronics...or perhaps... more 'on-going' travels if you are a veteran to the field.

I monkey around with my radios all the time.

The Radio Museum.
Based in Lucerne, Switzerland with text in English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Pete Millett's DIY Audio Pages
Last update: 4/10/05 - Posted "Electron-tube Circuits" by Samuel Seely, and a technical paper "Beam power tubes" by O. H. Shade of RCA.

Frank Phillipse's site, a massive database of datasheets, on almost every valve ever made! Also contains a copy of the Electronic Universal Vade-Mecum

Gregg van der Sluys' site, containing the entire Radiotron Designer's Handbook, 4th Edition.

The Radio Attic
Looks interesting, lots to see.

For tubes, tube sockets, tube data, online schematic index, capacitors, and more Triode Electronics Online.

From the novice Radio Constructor to the Vintage Radio Restorer. We hope you find what you are looking for. For information on Valves and Germanium Transistors, Vintage magazine covers and advertisements, and details of the sets I own, visit Vintage Radio and Electronics.

Here's a wonderful site.

Often I am asked where to find some specific part, manual or diagram. The web is vast and often hard to search but I have found a site which is a treasury of links to other sights. I saw names of companies there that I didn't know were still in business. Here's the link, use it well and explore the rest of the site while you are there. The AM Window / Stuff

A site for radio schematics.

Occasionally someone will ask tubeman about a specific model of a specific make of radio. While he knows a great deal he is not omniscient. However here is a sight that has a lot of schematics and may be of some help. http://www.nostalgiaair.org

Hallicrafters receivers and transmitters were an integral part of the golden age of ham radio. Many of them are still with us. Go have a look at Hallicrafters Collectors International.

Do you remember the Allied Industral Electronics catalog? It hasn't gone away. You can find it here.

If you're having trouble understanding the explanations
on these pages try How a Vacuum Tube Works.

Antique Electronic Supply

Vacuum Tubes, Books, Transformers, Capacitors,
Resistors, Parts & More Parts!

Global Specialties
sells the breadboarding sockets used in the
"Practical Breadboard for Vacuum Tube Circuits".

If you are looking for a fixer upper don't forget to check


I have always wanted a Silvertone wire recorder
and I found exactly what I was looking fore.
You could be as lucky.

Do you like music?

Visit Max's Music Place

Here are several items of software you can
download for free. They constitute an
audio measurement lab that works through
the sound card in your computer.
Give them a try.
Visit Infinite Spectra

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