This page is for anything except programs that I have made available for downloading by viewers. Whatever you find here is either in the public domain or owned by me. By making my property available for downloading I am not giving up any of my rights. What you find here is for your personal use only on your home computer. If you make a mass distribution of this material and I find out about it I will have to do something to you.

Off-Line version of this site.

Last Updated June 21, 2017.

From time to time I am asked for a copy of all files on the site to be run off-line on a personal computer. I am happy to make it available for those who need it.

Here is the download link. I suggest you elect to save the file to your desktop.

Zip folder of this site. 46 MB.

Double-click the desktop icon and a window will open showing all the files plus 3 folders. Everything is here. Press Control A to select all files and folders then press control C to copy them to the clipboard.

Open Windows Explorer and decide where you want them to be placed. I suggest "My Documents" which seems to be on every Windows computer. Create a new folder named "Fun with Tubes". Select this folder and type control-V to paste everything into it.

You may now close the first window. In the left hand pain of Windows Explorer, open the newly created folder "Fun with Tubes".

In the right hand pain locate the file "index.html" and double click it. Your web browser will open and it will look as if you are on the web but it all will be on your own computer.

Now in your web browser select favorites from the menu and add this local site. On my computer it is named "Fun with Tubes - Local". When ever you click on that favorite it will open without needing access to the web.

I will do my best to keep this downloadable version of the site updated whenever I change something on the on-line site. I may forget or if the change is very small, such as a spelling correction, I may just decide to skip it.

Electronics for Non-engineers.

Also by popular demand here is a copy of my textbook, Electronics for Non-engineers. Copyright Max Robinson. All rights reserved.

Zip folder of Electronics for Non-engineers. 3.9 MB.

Download and install exactly the same as the web site file above except name the folder "Electronics for Physicists".


The newest addition is a book on troubleshooting electronics.

Zip folder of Troubleshooting. Last updated May 24, 2014.

Download and install exactly the same as the web site file above except name the folder "Troubleshooting".

PDF of Troubleshooting Book.

A gentleman converted the book to a PDF file for me. Thank you. PDF of Troubleshooting. Last updated June 21, 2017. No unzipping required. Place it in the folder you prefer.

Tube Cross-reference and Selection Guide.

This is a spreadsheet file that helps you go from a set of tube specifications to a selection of tube numbers.

Tube Selection Guide Spreadsheet. 4 kB. Not a zip file.

Download and place in the same folder as your other spreadsheets.

MaxCAD Manual.

Here is an instruction manual for my drawing program MaxCAD.

Zip Folder of the MaxCAD Manual. 185 kB.

Download and install the same as above.

Practice Drawing From Chapter 4.

The dwg file of the practice drawing is included in the instruction manual download. The file name is "MaxCAD_Manual_4-01.dwg".

That's all there is for now. This page may grow, or it may not. Only time will tell.


This page last updated May 1, 2012.