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With the addition of the Circlotron amplifier the number of buttons in the main menu seems too large for comfort. Over time the number will only increase, so the list of specific projects has been moved to this page with a single button on the home page to bring you here. Future plans include some single ended amplifiers that may please the electric guitar croud.

50 Watt Monoblock Amplifier Ultra Linear Monoblock
Triode Monoblock An EL34 Ultra
Linear Amplifier.
A Unique Circuit
Circlotron Amplifier
Contest Winning

If you would be happy for a day, get drunk.
If you would be happy for a week, change jobs.
If you would be happy for a month, get married.
But if you would be happy for a lifetime, listen only to tube amplifiers.


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This page last updated May 15, 2007.