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cover art of "Rushes"

Track Listing:
1. Watercolour Guitars
2. Palo Verde
3. Auraveda
4. Fluid
5. Appletree Cinabar Amber
6. Bison
7. 7 am
8. Watercolour Rush


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"Rushes" is the name of the most recent Fireman CD, released on October 20th 1998, to critical acclaim.

An eclectic mix of trance, ambient sounds, muted guitars and keyboards, plus many spoken word passages, it is a truely remarkable album.

"Rushes" features eight songs. One of the most notable aspects of this album are the recurring musical motifs that pop up in different forms throughout the tracks. These include the main guitar passage of "Watercolour Guitars" and the piano of "Palo Verde".

The album was released on the Hydra label and reached number 2 in the UK charts.

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