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Paul McCartney, formerly of the Beatles and Wings, turned his hand to dance music with the remix of "Hope Of Deliverance" from the "Off The Ground" album. This led to the conception of The Fireman.

McCartney's name does not appear anywhere on the CDs, though a clue does exist in the name of the label the "Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest" album was released on: Juggler Music. McCartney's company, MPL, uses a juggler as its logo!

McCartney followed his critically acclaimed "Flaming Pie" CD with the album, "Run Devil Run" in 1999, and so far there are no plans for a new Fireman CD. But then again, there never are.

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Youth, formerly the bass player with Killing Joke, has been involved as a dance producer for many years, even scoring a few hits as Blue Pearl in the early nineties.

He has worked with System 7 and The Orb amongst others. He acts as co-producer / co-composer for the Fireman, and like McCartney, his name does not appear on the CDs.

He still works as a producer and occasionally with his old band, Killing Joke.

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