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New:The Easy-Check SD9.3

Dialoc SD9.3 Easy-Check library system is proving to be the primary solution for increased efficiency and for user independence in the circulation function.

The innovative design of the SD9.3 Easy-Check unit incorpoates Dialoc's LibTerm 2000 software that is based on Windows. By supporting Z39.70, Sipl and Sip2 protocols, the SD9.3 allows communication via TCP/IP with all popular library circulation software.

Also coming to Asia is the new SentryVision. SentryVision is the only security system that offers the unprecedented advantage of unobstructed visual surveillance. Here is how this patented, cable-free system works: Dual cameras are mounted on a crriage that glides silently up to 15 feet per second along a track mounted at the ceiling. The two pan, tilt and zoom cameras have 30 degree pan and 100 degree tilt capabiity. The track, which is often the length of the facility and the cameras are hidden from view inside a tinted polycarbonate enclosure.

Traditional CCTV systems keep too many areas hidden from your sight. These blind spots at your retail, commercial or industrial facilities can blind-side you with security problems missing merchandise, increased insurance and many other costly headaches. Now you can see your way clear of all this with SentryVision. It is the only system with the ability to monitor everything below as it glides silently and invisibly throughout your site. As it travels, SentryVision transmits high-resolution video signals to your control room. You can view your entire facility discreetly as the SentryVision cameras patrol your facility. The operator can program SentryVision for automatic patrol or manual control with an easy-to-use controller for pursuit of any suspicious activity.

For more information on any of our new products please contact the following:

Dialoc International - Netherlands
Dialoc International b.v.
Galvanistraat 24
3846 AT Harderwijk
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0) 341 42 27 60
Facsimile: +31 (0) 341 42 50 33

Industrial Marketing Company Limited - Thailand
1643/12 New Petchburi Road
Makasan, Ratchtaevee
Bangkok 10320
Telephone: +66 2 652 7497-9
Facsimile: +66 2 254 2626

Midories Systems Asia Pte Ltd - Singapore
Telephone: +65 464 9067-9
Facsimile: +65 464 9069
Mobile: +65 9759 9006

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