Spec the Halls: A Winter Celebration of the Weird and the Fantastic

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The Ghost of Contests Past

Contact Information

Web www.aswiebe.com
Want to subscribe to the weekly email containing contest news and weekly Featured Selections? Send an email to specthehalls@gmail.com with "Subscribe" in the subject line.

Got a question not answered in the FAQs? Email specthehalls@gmail.com with a subject line that starts with "Question." Please include a brief 1-4 word description of the question topic in the subject line.

After you've posted your submission, send an email to specthehalls@gmail.com. Please follow the guidelines.

Other Comments
Want to comment on the contest, a particular submission, a broken link, or...well, pretty much anything else? Send an email to specthehalls@gmail.com (are you sensing a theme?).

More About Me
If you just want to know more about me in general, check out the main website bio. I also keep a blog at http://cloudscudding.livejournal.com.