After the collapse of civilization, the show goes on.

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A Circus of Brass and Bone is now available to order!
(See also A Note to Supporters.)

New Release

If you'd like to travel with a steampunk circus through post-apocalyptic wilderness and disintegrating cities, you might enjoy reading A Circus of Brass and Bone.

"Read if: You would love to read about circus freaks, espionage, war elephant golems, intrepid female ship captains, monkeys finding true love, and the authentic smells of large cities."
- Heidi Waterhouse, Goodreads

"the world has a texture and a past that appeals even as it appalls ... The characters have a lot of bad stuff happening to them, but they retain both agency and their moral sense. The darker scenes never devolve into hopelessness or pointless gore."
- Marissa Lingen, Novel Gazing Redux

"'Circus' is a steampunk fantasy piece told in a period voice. It has a thick Dickensian accent and the affectations of Christie, Shelley and Austen. It's sparking conversations you'd expect at a dinner party where Katherine Dunn, Cormac McCarthy and Kurt Vonnegut had a little too much wine. It's imaginative modern literature."
- Rob Callahan, “'A Circus of Brass and Bone' a sea change for indie authorship,”

It's the end of civilization, but the show must go on.

The Loyale Traveling Circus and Menagerie is in turmoil. During their ocean voyage from British India to Boston, someone murdered their ringmaster. The killer must be one of their own. Unfortunately, that is the least of their problems.

While they were at sea, an aetheric calamity sent a wave of death rolling across the world. In post-Civil War America, a third of the population died outright, and many of the survivors suffer strange nervous symptoms that are steadily increasing in severity. Basic technology is also rendered dangerously unstable by the disaster. The circus members find themselves traveling through the collapse of civilization. In such desperate times, what use is a circus?

If they can defend themselves against the starving populace, if they can outwit and outperform the political factions that have seized power, if they can fight off the ravening monstrosities born of the aether storm ... they just might find the answer.

Trade paperback available from for $13.99: Amazon
Ebook available at major online retailers for $3.99: Kindle | Google Play | Smashwords | B&N | Apple iBooks | and many others


Free novelette!

When the circus comes to Seppanen Town, all seems well until a ragged fugitive plunges into their camp and begs for sanctuary. Available free through Smashwords and Google Play (and on Amazon, once their price-matching catches up!).

11/8/2015 Update

Gender balance and how paying attention to it can change a story (for the better!) guest blog on Catherine Lundoff's blog:

(In case you missed this one when it was first posted.)

"A Circus of Brass and Bone began life as a serial story that I wrote as a medical fundraiser. This led to several unique challenges. The one that I'm going to talk about today is how inconveniently generous women are."

Full blog post:

6/16/2015 Update

New review over at Conrad Zero's dark fiction blog!

"Crossing a steampunk (aetherpunk?) version of The Stand with Carnivāle, A Circus Of Brass And Bone is a rag-tag exploration and adventure by a cast of colorful circus characters in an alternate reality turned upside-down by calamity and devastation."

Full review:

5/12/2015 Update

Enjoy an A Circus of Brass and Bone reading at the CONvergence convention in Minneapolis!

3:30 p.m. on Friday, July 3, 2015

There will be donuts!

(5/24 edit: changed reading schedule.)

3/13/2015 Update

Top of the stack over at Scalzi's weekly book roundup!

2/19/2015 Update

Over at Mary Robinette Kowal's My Favorite Bit, I talk about how I came up with bone aether and some of the awesome and horrible things I do with it in A Circus of Brass and Bone.

2/5/2015 Update

A special book blog event starts now at Coffee Time Romance and runs through 2/11/2015! Enter the giveaway to WIN a steampunk accessory!

1/22/2015 Update

A Circus of Brass and Bone reached Amazon's Top 100 Steampunk! That is...a much more substantial genre. I was entirely delighted and bemused. It's been bouncing in and out ever since, but--you guys! It happened! I have a screenshot to prove it!

1/21/2015 Update

So then this happened!

1/11/2015 Update - New Review!

Reviews have started coming in!

"... the world has a texture and a past that appeals even as it appalls ... The characters have a lot of bad stuff happening to them, but they retain both agency and their moral sense. The darker scenes never devolve into hopelessness or pointless gore."

- Marissa Lingen, Novel Gazing Redux

Full review here:

1/7/2015 Update - A Note to Supporters

Thank you. Thank you for reading episodes of the Circus of Brass and Bone serial story. Thank you for telling your friends. Thank you for the donations that kept the story going and helped to pay my mother's medical bills. Thank you for the encouraging words. You were bright lights in a very dark time.

And thanks to you, A Circus of Brass and Bone will be released in ebook and trade paperback on January 15th! Special extras include a bonus story. The book's print and ebook editions are available for pre-order now. If you made a donation, (unless you requested otherwise) your name is listed on the acknowledgments page. Many of you are also named characters in the story!

Those of you who donated at least $40 should have received an email asking for a shipping address for me to send you a thank-you copy of the book. If not, leave me a message using the contact form, and we'll fix that!

If you want to help A Circus of Brass and Bone along its path, there are three things you can do:
1. Pre-order! Pre-orders are great for readers because they let you order books on your schedule, instead of waiting for a specific release date. Pre-orders are great for authors because they mean that all the orders go in on the same day, boosting the book's sales rank and making it a lot more visible to other potential readers. Look below for pre-order links!
2. Review! Books live and die by the reviews that readers post. 'Nuff said.
3. Tell a friend! This is a small project. It doesn't have a huge publicity engine pushing it. If you don't tell your friends, they'll probably never hear of it. And that would be a shame, because how else can they admire your excellent taste?
Again, thank you. I couldn't have done it without the support of readers (and listeners!) like you.

1/1/2015 Update

Want to be BFFs with a writer? Pre-order their book!

But seriously, the best thing you can do to help an author is to pre-order their book. Pre-orders are all filled on the publication day, which bumps up the book's sales rank. That increases the book's visibility. And that, dear reader, is where the game is at!

A Circus of Brass and Bone is now available for pre-order in print (at and in various ebook formats (at your favorite ebook retailer).

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And don't forget the other thing that authors love--booze! Wait, no, not that one. Reviews! That's the one! If you like the book, post a review.

12/26/2014 Update

January 15 is the release date for ebook and print editions (including story extras and a bonus novelette!). Note title change: this will be published as A Circus of Brass and Bone. Join the newsletter above to get updates.

Sadly, I wasn't able to get A Circus of Brass and Bone published by Christmas as I'd planned. Unfortunately, delays with (among other things) Library of Congress Catalog Numbers and Cataloging-in-Publication data made this impossible. I am really disappointed by this. On the plus side, though, this means I'll be able to get things set up for pre-orders and have a synchronized release date!

My main website is at, and you can sign up there to receive an occasional newsletter letting you know when I have new stories out.

I hope you've enjoyed joining the circus on its journey! Without readers like you, this story would never have existed. It's been a privilege to travel with you.