Philip and Abra Staffin Wiebe's Wedding
Wedding Photographs

Inbeaute Photography took all the formal wedding pictures as well as some candids, shooting in both black and white and color. The color photographs and some black and white can be viewed at the developing lab's site, by following the instructions below:
Portraits available for viewing approx. April 17, 2001.
Go to:
be sure to add the �s� to albums and to millers
Event Selection: Phil & Abra
Password: staffin (lower case)
Portraits will be available approx. April 17 - May 19 Payments for reprints ordered on the internet can be made using MasterCard or Visa

On this page are photographs taken during the wedding, and preparations for the wedding that morning in the church.

My bouquet, from Garden of Eva, made of roses and astroemeria.
Posted 04/12/01.

A close-up of my bouquet in natural light.
Posted 04/12/01.

The stained glass window in the room the bridesmaids and I did makeup and hair in.
Posted 04/14/01.

Cole Sarar sitting by the stained glass before changing into her bridesmaid's dress.
Posted 04/17/01.

See above.
Posted 04/17/01.

Andrea, waiting to create my hairstyle.
Posted 04/17/01.

My hair being twisted up. Photographed by Cole Sarar.
Posted 04/17/01.

Intermediate stage. Photographed by Cole Sarar.
Posted 04/17/01.

Electra twisting her hair up.
Posted 04/17/01.

Sara doing her makeup while Electra takes care of her Sara's hair.
Posted 04/17/01.

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