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Philip and Abra Staffin Wiebe's Wedding
April 1, 2001

Engagement to Honeymoon
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Welcome, friends and family! Thank you for visiting. I have divided the various photographs into different categories and organized separate pages for them accordingly:

1) our trip to Belize during which we became engaged - updated 05/22/01
2) wedding preparations - updated 05/12/01
3) bachelorette party/wedding shower
4) wedding rehearsal
5) wedding
6) reception dinner
7) honeymoon (and, yes, there are some pictures from the honeymoon which will not be posted)

I photographed most of these, and the quality of a few of the images suffers for a couple of reasons: I was trying become accustomed to a new camera that needed a longer shutter speed than I had been used to; I used a low-quality scanner - it has a tendency to scan in photographs a bit darker and a bit redder than than they actually were, although I tried to compensate for that; and, quite simply, I was distracted during the taking of some of the pictures on these pages for obvious reasons.

However, I hope you enjoy looking at them. If you want copies of anything, please email me at I also enjoy and crave feedback about my photographs, be it positive or constructively negative. So email me!

Visit Inbeaute Photography to see the photographers we hired to shoot the wedding itself. We hired Wendy and Karl Blomseth to take primarily color formals and some photojournalism-style candids. These are no longer posted on the Miller's Lab website (see the wedding photographs page for details), but soon I will scan in my favorites and post them online. ETA March 2002.

Thank you for visiting!

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