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Martin's Bio
Martin Gore

Name: Martin Lee Gore Date of Birth: July 23, 1961 Place of Birth: London Star Sign: Leo Eye Color: Green Height: 5ft 7 inches Family Details: Wife Suzanne, daughters Viva Lee and Ava Lee Hobbies: Reading, computer games, falling over Previous Jobs: I was the eggman Previous Bands: Norman and the Worms, Composition of Sound Favorite city visited: Cape Town Favorite country visited: South Africa Favorite food: Indian, Japanese Favorite drink: Lager, bitter, port, red wine, etc. Favorite sport: Football/Soccer Favorite team: Arsenal Favorite Colours: Black Favorite Film: Shoah Favorite Acotr(s): Nobody in particular Favorite Book: Diary of a Drug Fiend - by Aleister Crowley Favorite TV Show: The World at War Favorite Radio Stations: I never listen to the radio, unless in the car with someone else driving Favorite Magazine: New Scientist Favorite song: Dark End of the Street - by James Carr Favorite DM song: Policy of Truth, also Stripped, Shake the Disease Favorite Album: White Album - by The Beatles Favorite DM Album: Ultra Favorite DM Video: Enjoy the Silence Favorite Band: The Velvet Underground Pet Peaves: Laws that should have been abolished 200 years ago

Martin Lee Gore was born in London on July 23, 1961. Martin spent his early years growing up in Dagenham, the London suburb that existed solely to house a massive Ford car plant. Martin was a relative newcomer to Basildon, mostly because his parents moved there in search of a better life. As a child, Martin was somewhat of a school bully, and was caught one day smashing a brick over one of his schoolmates heads. An excellent scholar with a propensity for languages, Martin enrolled in a student exchange program, allowing him to make several visits to Germany. Martin can speak fluent German, as well as some French. Martin left St. Nicholas's Comprehensive School in 1977 and took a teller job at the local bank. Not finding it the most exciting of jobs, Martin decided that it was a safe option to make a lengthy career in the banking industry. Working during the day, Martin engaged in the musical group "Norman and the Worms" at night. He used the money earned from his job to buy new musical equipment, mostly synthesizers. After meeting Fletch at the Van Gogh club in 1980, Martin soon was recruited into his new band, "Composition of Sound". Martin had been writing several songs since he was 14, but on Depeche Mode's first album, Gore only contributed two songs, Big Muff and Tora! Tora! Tora!. After the departure of Vince Clarke in 1981, Martin took the full responsibility to write songs for the band. Under tremendous pressure to complete songs for the band's second album, Martin offered a vastly different sound in his songs, touching on everything from political views to sex and love to religion. Over the next decade, Gore's songwriting would improve dramatically, turning out such classics as Shake the Disease, Stripped, and Enjoy the Silence. Gore, not at all interested in the production side of making music, would let the band, especially Alan Wilder, take control of the songs, leading them to new musical levels. Leaving his lyrics open and vague for interpretation, Martin's songs appeal to a wide audience, many of whom can personally relate to the songs that touch on such realistic subjects. Martin's latest songs off of the Ultra album, speak of destiny, leaving many to wonder, what new creations lay in his mind.