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Hello and welcome to my website!

As an introduction, I'll say a few things about this site and about myself.  I'm a graduate in the Nuclear Engineering
Program at OSU in Columbus, Ohio, where I do research involving accelerator-based neutron sources.  My hobbies
include experimental physics, ham radio, and mineral collecting.  This website mainly serves as a catalog of info on
some of my projects, usually updated long after the fact!  Be aware that some of this content hearkens back to my
high school days, while other parts have likely been put up "just the other day."  I welcome your inquiries via email
 and am always interested in meeting fellow science and engineering enthusiasts!

Last Update: 
Nov. 27, 2003.  Continuing to add the content on Fusor and
my radioactives collection (it's not all there yet, sorry). 

  • Personal Info:  More about me than you want to know (life story, resume, education)
  • Stuff for Sale:  Nothing at the moment.
  • The Pillory:  Check out the convicts on display today.  Remember to bring a rotten egg!

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