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Earn $500+/month per program without working to get referrals

You do not have to hassle friends and family to build your downline

You do not have to maintain and/or market a "referral" website

"This system is amazing! Within two weeks of signing up with Club500, I had dozens of referrals in the top Pay-To-Surf programs. And the best part is that they are all active users! I've canceled all my other accounts and re-signed under the Club500 referral system!"--Mike F, Edison, NJ

I assume that you already know about money-making programs and how they work. So let's get right to it.

The problems with all the referral programs out there are obvious:
  1. It takes hard work: All referral programs use a referral system themselves. This way you have to put a lot of work into marketing their (your) site, and bother family and friends to build your downline.
  2. People have no motive to work under you: When you finally have persuaded someone to sign up under you in the referral program, you often see that he will not sign up under one single money-making company you have listed. The reason is obvious: he has no motive to do so. Why? Two reasons: he's only interested in free referrals himself and he has most likely joined several other referral programs.
  3. Your downline is not active: If you get lucky, someone in your downline in the referral program will sign up for one of your money-making programs. But the only reason he has done that is to make sure people sign up under HIM. It does not mean that he will actually use the money-making program. And the result: you will not profit from any active INdirect referrals, because your profit is usually determined by the activity of your DIRECT referrals. This is the most common problem with all the other referral programs out there.
  4. Unrealistic promises: Most referral programs use way too big a matrix. You will never be able to get the downlines they promise. The only ones to profit are those at the very top. And it will take months or years before you see your first quality referral.
  5. Only 1 visitor in 1000 will ever join a typical referral website: That's right. Only 1 visitor in 1000 will join a typical referral website. Why? Simple mathematics. Tens of thousands of these exact same sites are competing for "Joe Surfer", and most will have more exposure and power than yours. By the time someone actually "sees" your website, he is not seeing it for the first time. In fact, he is probably seeing it for the hundredth time and is sick of it. The net result: no signups, no referrals and no money in your pocket.
Club500 solves those 5 problems:
  1. Your downline is built for you while you sleep: You do not...SHOULD not...ask your friends to join Club500 because you have no motive to do so. If you want to sign up your friends, do what's best for YOU...just sign them up on your own. Club500 is designed for people that do not know each other, but all have one common goal: making money. This website will promote itself. Spend your time actively using the money-making programs instead. We will do the marketing. And once people see our system, they will stick with it.
  2. We confirm your downline: The only way to make sure that you referred to someone is if he confirms it. And the only way to make sure that someone referred to you is if you confirm it. The referrals game is a two-way street. Club500 ensures it stays that way.
  3. Your downline is active: A referral is not worth anything if he is not active. You will only get referrals from Club500 when we know that you are active. We see to it that you fulfill the minimum demands we set for each program (example: 20 surfing hours/month with a GetPaidToSurf program). You, in turn, will help confirm your own downline, and so on. This makes sure that everyone stays ACTIVE so we all can earn the full potential of our downlines.
  4. $500/month is very realistic: We aim at helping you earn $500/month per program. That is only for the referrals you get from Club500. Any referrals you pick up outside of Club500 is considered bonus money. Here is the beauty of it: we mostly use a 3x3 matrix for each program, which we build up in vertical lines of 10. This means 4 things: 1) No matter when you join a program, you can get right into the top of the levels. 2) You get a single downline right away. 3) The rest of your downline will be built quickly. 4) There is room for everybody.
  5. We are the only referral network that can boast sign-up ratios up to and beyond 20%: Club500 is breaking all the rules. We've had days where 1 out of every 5 visitors to this website signs up for one or more programs. These numbers are staggering. But if you look at the way we've set up our business, it should come as no surprise. We give you the opportunity to actually do what all the other referral networks promise: the chance at making big money. And you WILL make big money if you stay within the system and follow the rules.

"I spent two months trying to make money with Refmaker. I worked my butt off promoting my website, and all I got out of it was 3 lousy referrals that never surf anyway. Just as a test, I cancelled my Cashsurfers account and re-signed under [the] Club500 [referral system]. In just one week I had 5 active referrals! Thank you very much!" --Dave K., Wilmington, Del

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